Although the name may imply the presence of an entire band, State Shirt is a one-man operation. Take a listen and you'll be guided through a dreamlike trip, with melancholic melodies, haunting vocal effects, ingeniously employed electronics, and even rock-steady beatboxing. His first full-length album, Don’t Die, is an 11-song collection that was recorded entirely in his bedroom studio in the outskirts of Los Angeles.

State Shirt has been dubbed a ""one-man indie rock army"" because of his inventive and captivating live performances. He builds entirely unique soundscapes using live loop sampling—creating beats, melodies and backing vocals in real time while he sings and plays guitar. At times beautifully romantic, and at others undoubtedly disturbing, his shows are always eerily mesmerizing.

His independently released album has been played on over 100 college radio stations in the US and has been featured on several indie music podcasts. State Shirt is working on new music to be released on Family Tree Recordings available worldwide through Kajmere Sound Distribution.

Straw Man

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