We live by the Bone Head Credo - ROCK is supposed to be FUN! But still, on that note, Boner and boys work the outer edges of the topical arenas with story lines that use metaphoric nuances and musical prowess to express their own brand of rock and roll that harkens back to the days of simplistic structure made interesting by building songs with content & quality. Created with both superior performance and sonic pleasantry. Still, those people closest to the band just refer to them as "wack-jobs". Go figure that?

BONER HAMILTON is available at

Boner Hamilton - Homo Erectus - EP

and also at

Boner Hamilton - Homo Erectus - EP

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WowMom Bite Me! CR, CJ is quickly becoming an indie internet legend. He will make a star out of someone soon, probably not these guys but maybe with that Sex Kitten Kim!
Hugh Yo, Cuz! You CRAZY! Umm...is it hereditary? Nice pipes on "What Do You Say?" by the way. Dig it...
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Boner Hamilton - Homo Erectus - EP
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Boner Hamilton