Bats Brew is a rock and roll music project created by Robert Franklin.

Robert performs all of the music, singing, engineering and production of the music, with the occasional collaboration with other musicians.

He began his music journey playing guitar, bass and singing, with full time gigging rock and top 40 bands on the road for 6 years, before focusing full time on writing and recording.

Robert has a unique sound that arrived from literally thousands of hours of playing and live performance of all styles of music.

A good de___scription of Bats Brew music, would be to say it is a blend of classic rock and roll, with a modern sound, edge, vibe, vision.
melodic, but edgy...... punk, but sophisticated..... progressive, but in the pocket and funky....

There are so many different influences found in the various songs, that there is not any one artist or group that defines the sound of Bats Brew.

If you like rock and roll, we believe you'll really like this stuff.

Melange de la Chauve Souris
groovy swampy cajun'y rock boogie

Alternative Guitar Rock
h h

from the new album "Trouble"

Alternative Modern Rock
h h

Road To Tabriz
progressive funky rock

Alternative indie rock
h h

High Time
road trip acoustic boogie

Acoustic Rock
h h

groovy hard rock tune

Alternative Rock
h h

Some Time
acoustic beginning, morphs into straight up rock, morphs into prog rock

Hard Alternative
h h

big synths, big guitars, harmony vocals

Alternative Post-Modern Rock
h h

DMD Compact Disc Online
modern melodic progressive rock, with a classic rock feel

Alternative Modern Rock  info  

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12/1/2015 11:38:43 AM
new album, "Stay" available now at amazon and iTunes




11/17/2015 10:11:02 AM
"Stay", the 3rd album release from Bat's Brew, available now.
CD's, Flac, MP3


2/19/2008 3:17:10 PM
thanks for checking my tunes out, everyone.


2/9/2008 7:03:36 PM
Good stuff !! Good Tunes!!!

Good Luck!
SolMusic Management, Chetvergov's manager


12/13/2007 9:33:34 AM
Nice stuff! I love your tunes! Don't stop keep on rockin'!

Roy Muniz

4/3/2007 4:01:47 AM
Get a hold of Eddie Van Halen on my space, introduce your self, possible opening act for sure on the tour coming soon.. I can see it......



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available now! here:

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