Robert FireHawk is a true artisan: a singer, songwriter, recording artist, wood carver, builder, philosopher, and passionate human being. His love for music has merged with the drive to understand the human journey. His intent is to create messages with a healthy interpretation of individual human experience, within a collective planetary context.

Robert says: ""In this turn of time reality, relationships are no longer security based. A healthy relationship must co-empower the individual's discovery process and their stretch for personal freedom. Freedom based relationships catalyze a strong and in-depth conversation within the Self."" FireHawk transfers this stretch for excellence into unique lyrical and musical compositions.

For Robert FireHawk, music opens a portal to the soul. Expressing his investigation with what it means to be a human, engaging with life on this precious planet. Being a creative part of the One Human race, One Human team, Standing at the Edge, and Beginning a new Millennium together, this is FireHawk's passion.

through the veil
the story of a vision quest framed in hard rock

Hard Rock
h h

ride that good road
you can't take a stand, just sittin' there...

Country Rock
h h

without love
where would we go, without love in our hearts?

h h

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