Haro Street Records presents the new, break out release of the smooth,sophisticated, sultry, South Asian singer, Sammara. Often described as a compilation of Bjork, Peggy Lee, Sade, Esthero, and Portishead, every song leaves you with a dream-filled, intangible fragrance. Contributing to this exotic /erotic state is her rich palette of influences---everything from world music to jazz,
to classical-all overlap, fade and congeal in a ambient, floating cloud of electronica. Surrounding the voice on every track are culturally dense, multi-referential arrangements, morphing trip-hop beats, and edgy, bitter-sweet harmonies. Let the music wash over you and take you to a place that's at once uncomfortably foreign and still achingly familiar.

nothingd changed
electronica triphop

progressive electronica
h h

fusion rock

h h

you call me
pop alternative

h h

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