Somewhere nestled between Philadelphia and New York City is the small city of Easton, Pennsylvania. Home to legendary boxing World Champion Larry Holmes, Crayola Crayons and Lafayette College. A culture center complete with gas stations, a Perkins and the birthplace and home of SETTLE®.

Comprising of four young musicians, several stringed instruments, a couple of synths, drums and a rehearsal space, Settle ® has molded a unique sound that’s danceable, fun, heartfelt, energetic and rich with emotion. A sound that has evolved from the roots of punk and beats associated with 70’s disco.

If it’s not the vocal strength exhibited almost effortlessly by Mike Pizarro that initially draws you into the groups pulsating sonic aura then perhaps it’s Dave Goletz’s eloquent guitar crunch. Or maybe it’s his tight pants. But if you’re ears aren’t satisfied with sheer vocal power or gritty guitars then maybe you should focus in on what the Roses are doing.

Willie Rose beats his drums with a quiet confidence, breezing through difficult transitions like it was an elementary school exercise. Or maybe it’s his older brother Nick who will tantalize your eardrums with his frantic guitar playing, distorted synth pops and hisses or witty on-stage banter.

Formed officially in early 2001, Settle has seen many changes over the years. Whether it’s changes in line-up, artistic and creative growth, or musical influences the band has never slowed down. Settle members have totally focused in on their goals, establishing a solid direction.

Early influences include Green Day, Nirvana, R.E.M, U2, The Pixies and Blink 182. Over the following few year’s influences emerged from listening to bands such as: Radiohead, Liars, Rapture and Faint. Settle's sound is similar to Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

“We all collect music and listen to a lot of diverse styles,” says Nick, “whether it’s on tape, vinyl, cd’s or whatever, we constantly are looking for cool things that inspire us creatively. We don’t want to sound like everyone else, bands who are riding out the wave of current popular trends. If we write a song that sounds like something we’ve heard before we scrap it, immediately. It’s risky ground to stand on for sure, but it’s the only ground we know. If we get you to experience it, we’ll get you to love it.”

Settle has open for: Yo La Tengo, Talib Kweli, July for Kings and others

Credits include: Emergenza 2005/2004, Pulse Music Awards: Best Alternative Band, Best Individual Performer, Best Lead Vocalist and Best Original Song, 2nd Annual Dewey Beach Music Festival, 7th, 8th and 9th Annual Millenium Music Conference, BeLeVe Fest 2004/2003, WZZO 95.1FM Showcase at Musikfest 2004/2001, Mayfair 2003/2001 Music and Arts Festical, RiverFusion Music and Arts Festival 2005/2004. RCN Cable continuing broadcast – SETTLE Live and much more…

Giving In Then Giving Up

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Settle is currently recording their 2nd EP that will contain 3-5 tracks. The CD will be distributed as singles though normal distribution channels listed from the band's web site:

See Settle's Live performance on eaTV

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