Jay.Soul The Groove Architect
is an Amsterdam based music producer/composer/songwriter whose music stretches across: Hip-Hop (the good kind.. not the stuff u get bombarded with on radio or tv..), Neo-Soul, Broken Beat, Downtempo, etc. The music is usually soulful, often jazzy, sometimes with a dash of reggae or afrobeat or even rock, and 99,36% of the time pretty damn funky...

Jay.Soul has composed and produced music for:
Corey, Sole Profit, NineFifty (w/ Dee Ferguson), Mr. Windmill, The illCuzzinFam, Giovanca Ostiana, Nyjolene Grey, Tahirah Sabajo, Gumshoe (The Proov), Cordelia Sackey, Freamon Chavous, DJ Edzon, Kindred Spirits Radio, as well as for TV-commercials, TV-shows and theatre plays, and has made remixes for Michael Franti & Spearhead, Corey, Massive Inc., Sole Profit and The Proov.

Releases featuring Jay.Soul's tracks:
Corey - ""Moving On"" (Vocal Vibez, NL, 2005); NoTV DVD ""Visual Music, Vol.2"" (NoTV, NL, 2004); V.A. - ""Mastermix Vol. 2"" (LoveCatMusic, USA, 2004); Jay.Soul Presents: ""Sitting On My Funk"" (LoveCatMusic, USA, 2003); Sole Profit - ""Soul Searching"" (D'Abyss, USA, 2003); Massive Inc. ft. Raffaela - ""Hello, Goodbye"" (Sony Germany, 2003); V.A. - ""Mastermix Vol. 1"" (LoveCatMusic, USA, 2003); Cosmic Flux Sampler (Cosmic Flux, USA, 2002); Corey - ""Rebirth EP"" (Vocal Vibez, NL, 2002); Michael Franti & Spearhead - ""Sometimes"" (Labels/Virgin/BooBooWax, 2001); Fret - ""Demontage Vol. 04"" (NPI/Fret, NL, 2001); NineFifty - ""Mango Juice"" (It Won't Stop, NL, 2001); Gumshoe - ""Demo EP"" (NL, 2001); DJ Edzon's BBC Mixtapes (NL, 1998-2000); The Proov - ""Feel The Heat"" (CMC/Soul Relation, NL, 2000).

Music produced by Jay.Soul has been used in films and tv-shows, including:
'How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days' (Paramount, USA, 2003), 'Drumline' [trailer] (Fox, USA, 2003), 'Real World Road Rules' (MTV, USA, 2004), 'Battle Of The Sexes' (MTV, USA, 2004), VH1 'Born To Diva' (VH1, USA, 2004), 'Kevin Hill' [pilot] (UPN, USA, 2004), 'Mr. Sterling' (NBC, USA, 2003), 'Shouf Shouf Habibi' (Theorema, NL, 2004), 'Vet!' (Theorema, NL, 2003), 'Veronica Crime Cafe' (Massive Music, NL, 2003), 'TROS Radar' (Massive Music, NL, 2004).

Please visit the official website www.jaysoul.net for more music and info

Sole Profit: R U Ready (Jay.Soul remix)
Rework of track by my overseas collabo partner Sole Profit, one of California's hottest mc's (winner HipHopSupastar competition 2005). Funky hip-hop track with a West Coast twist - for lovers of the roots, tribe called quest, jay dee, pharcyde, pete rock etc.

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

Corey: It Ain't Me
Uplifting soul music over a mid-tempo funky hip-hop groove, telling the personal story of Dutch soul star Corey's childhood and her dreams of becoming a singer. First single off the album Movin' On.

h h

Beats: BZN
Xtrafunky instrumental hip-hop track.

h h

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Please check www.jaysoul.net for news updates, much more music etc. Thanx.
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Jay.Soul The Groove Architect