Singer songwriter Dave Patten's new music, "Fly Away," is now available. You can download it from the Digstation link below and you can purchase it directly from

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Lemme let you in on a little bit about the new music on this album:
Fly Away is rising singer songwriter Dave Patten’s second album release following 2006’s popular Too Close, Too Far. This cd contains twelve songs and forty-five minutes of excellent rock music, inlcuding the hits “Everyday”, “Heartbreaker”, and “Fly Away”.

1. Garden of Eden (3:21)
2. Fly Away (4:12)
3. Everyday (3:53)
4. Got What It Takes (4:10)
5. Finally Gotten To Me (Heartbreaker) (3:31)
6. My Head (4:04)
7. Be Alone (3:39)
8. I Will (3:56)
9. I Don’t Need You (4:18)
10. Taken (3:07)
11. Dropped (2:44)
12. Sorry Yesterday (4:23)

Dave Patten (vocals, acoustic guitars) and band mates Brian Boyle (piano), Josh Druhan (electric guitars), Chris Baglivo (bass guitar), and John Whitely (drums) have defied cliché categories and created an album of just plain great new rock music.

Engineered and Mixed at Clark Studios, Phila, PA
Mastered at Range Records, Ardmore, PA
Released by Clark Records, 2007

Thanks for the support and to all my fans!
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dan dave. you've got the voice and passion and emotion show through strong in your songs. you could make it big. unfortunately, the record labels are probably only going to want dave, not the rest of the band. its a choice youll have to make though.
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Josh Druhan You know dan, you're probably right. But then again, why would the label go through the trouble of finding another professional musician, when I am a college taught professional musician with over 7 years experience. They may as well hire me anyway.
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