Yves, a french composer, plays music in solo or with several groups. He plays here original compositions in various styles, rock, blues, jazz, ..and techno, giving always a fantastic feeling of cheerfulness. He plays piano, guitar and synthetiser and likes to use some powerfull software to arrange its songs.
The songs are instrumental except three: Julie sings in "Wayzata" and "Red Panther" and Eleonor in "Pourtant".
Major influences:
Classic : Bach, Mozart, Chopin.
Jazz: Oscar Peterson, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Memphis Slim, Jimmy Witherspoon, Lou Bennet, Roda Scott, Telonious Monk... and many pianists of Jazz.
Others: The Beattles, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, Elton John...and Nigel Kennedy (cannot forgot the concert in Paris "with" Jimmy Hendricks: fantastic!)
You can visit the station "Happy songs" where yves collects his prefered songs of IAC.

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new lovely song which name is ""seduction""... a lot of emotion!

Fantastic: Barbecue is the 3rd song in the Jazz list. A big success for Yves who loves this song very much (12/12/05).

Extra: Red Panther is the most listened song of Yves (05/11/2007)
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