Juan Manuel is a classical, flamenco, jazz guitarist/composer and singer who has been sharing his talent for over 20 years. Juan Manuel was born in Bogota, Colombia, and has lived in the USA since the age of nine. He is a member of the National and Latin Academy of Recording Artists and Sciences, Inc. (NARAS and LARAS), best known for the Grammy's. Five of his CDs have been considered for both Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations. His recordings uniquely integrate sounds and styles from North and South America, Spain and a touch of Asian and African rhythms. Juan Manuel encapsulates these styles, rhythms and melodies from his experience in participating in various International & Jazz Festivals throughout the world.

Cartagena Sunrise
Song on Juan Manuel's Reunion 2000 CD, featuring Shelly Berg on Piano

Smooth Jazz
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Asian Rainbow
Asian Rainbow (2nd song on Juan Manuel's Liberation CD), upbeat, colorful, very expressive

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
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All About Jazz's C. Michael Bailey - ""Juan Manuel, NASA Engineer/Professional Musician/ Renaissance Man, offers a contemporary acoustic and electric guitar jazz collection that is both smart and infectious.""

L.A. Jazz Scene's Jonathan Barg - "" If you'd like to experience contemporary jazz guitar...that is cool, that swings, that's bluesy and introspective.... Let's look forward to future works by Seňor Juan Manual. A rising star, to be sure.

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Juan Manuel