"Yes! They're Real!" will be the fourth release by The Afrosheens, which is essentially a solo album by multi-instrumentalist Afshin Beheshti, an atmospheric musical journey into what he calls his one-man empire of sound. Afshin (who is also a member of the experimental physics rock band Shore Leave and was a member of the former Divided Body) performs the majority of the instruments on the album, creating atypical arrangements on keyboards, guitars, bass, woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, piano, mandolin, and other unique miscellaneous noisemakers. These arrangements compliment the record's deft songwriting, introducing experimental elements without losing accessibility. Like the rest of his albums this album is unencumbered by any specific style, yet is cohesive in perspective. The song's lyrics compliment this musical approach, as Afshin's sincere, heartfelt words and singing manage to be humorous, serious, silly, hopeful and melancholy at the same time. The album needs to be put out. He's still looking for a potential source for funds.

Afshin's musical journey began in fourth grade, when he began to learn saxophone and piano in Minneapolis. The Afrosheens project commenced in 1994 in Minneapolis, when Beheshti purchased a 4-track tape recorder and began making tapes for friends. In 1998, after moving to Tallahassee to pursue a PhD in biophysics, he released a limited edition CD, "No Photos", and put together a four-piece group to perform his compositions onstage. Up until that time, Beheshti had only played live with jazz groups. During 1999, Afshin played solo shows using pre-recorded keyboard tracks as his backup band. In January 2000 he released The Afrosheens second album "The Persian Expressway." He gathered a new ensemble together, featuring numerous talents from local Tallahassee bands, to perform material from "The Persian Expressway" live. On 7/24/01 he released his third album "Welcome To My Wonderful Show" which was the 11th most added album to rotation on the CMJ top 200 charts. Shortly after he stripped the live shows to a three piece. With this line up The Afrosheens performed at the 2001 CMJ Music Marathon. Recently Afshin conquered the biophysics academia world and obtained his PhD. So the Afrosheens made a move to Cambridge, Massachusetts where a whole new entourage will perform Afshin's music. He already has played solo shows around town. Also Afshin played a solo show under The Afrosheens moniker for the 2003 CMJ music marathon. Here are some reviews from the second and third albums:

"Strange and Beautiful" - Team Clermont

"Beheshti's influences are jumbled together in colorful profusion... This CD is lo-fi in the best way --unadorned by the desire to conform to any known formula." - Tallahassee Democrat

"... can either be taken for off centered narcissism, or high-minded conceptualism, until you realize Beheshti has quite a talent for arrangement. On repeated listening, what seems to be feckless meandering takes on a definite pattern. I'm reminded of bands like Guided by Voices and Thinking Fellars Union 424 Rhythm machine, mandolin, super-distorted guitars, real drums, bass and acoustic guitars morph and swirl with different styles. The outcome is both amusing and confounding. Syd Barret fans should find this fun." - Pulse of the Twin Cities

"...has a cartoonish quality like They Might Be Giants and Half Japanese... it makes with an album with really cool songs." - Shredding Paper

To Murder The Survivor

Psychedelic Rock
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