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A style that is not stylized. A Genre without a genre. Artisticly calculated and sometimes uncalculated. Little Experiment Candies for your body/mind/spirit. Always changing and always evolving. (aka Proto~Electronica)
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Started making electronic music in August 2003 and since then have continued it as a hobby. Whats Opi~TeKK mean? Well i have been called Opi from friends for quite a longtime and TeKK would = the electronic music.
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AIM SN = MildRebellion
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Organ Donors - Got a keyboard for Christmas, Never played in my life. This is the evolution of creation and learning. 60second songs i make up on the fly. Very RAW Very REAL. (R.I.P Organ Donors :-( )
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Ethereal Well, you did ask for a description. ; ) Was it accurate? **smiles**
sunset SINdrone Hi - I hope you'll feel comfortable on the Chief...! Peace - Johannes.
sMoKey mEriDeTh shite, its been a are things...stopping by to check out the u-nique flavors happening here...peace bro
Scott if you don't get my Email, write me at so I can reach you, just something you might enjoy
E-Phlat Hey man! It's been a while, but I've finished my studying and passed my ultimate exam! I'm finished and now I can concentrate on my music. How ya been brotha?
E-Phlat Opi, you never let me down man....I love the song, I just wish it was a bit longer for my enjoyment.
smoke em' if ya got em m drivin' south to houston street....its the late shift....what have u been up to?
E-Phlat Hey dude, what's up? I've been away for a while working alot. I just finished a song...That's how I brought New Year in. Tell me what you think.
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