Hailing from Bakersfield, CA, Kinetic Distortion is an electronica band consisting of 2 members: James Thrower (Drums, programming, keyboards, and guitar) and Joseph M. Rich (Keyboards, programming, and sampling).Kinetic Distortion has an extensive vocabulary of songs spanning all genres of electronic music. Every song is its own entity with its own attitude, presence, and even quirks.

Having years of experience playing with live bands as a drummer and a guitarist, James expanded his horizons to the world of electronic music. Realizing there were no limits, he created a new sound by blending in his own musical flavor, making electronica a little bit tastier.

Adding in years of experimentation to the equation, Joseph has been influenced by the electronica scene since its birth. After making music for a now-defunked hacker crew in the late 80s, Joseph began to pursue a more serious music career. In 2001 he won 2nd place in a remix contest of Groove Armada's ""I See You Baby"" held by MP3.com. He has also made background music for local radio stations, as well as performed at many events around Central & Southern California from Hippie 2000 (1999), Gorilla Warfare (1999), & Vinyl Fetish (2001) to name a few.

Over the two years that Kinetic Distortion has been performing, producing, and remixing, they have received a lot of enthusiasm over their music. With each new performance or song written, K.D. creates an ever-expanding collection of listeners. Ensuring that the collection will grow, K.D. will have 3, one-hour live performances out this year. A Breakbeat set (January 2005), a Trance set (Summer 2005), and a Jungle set (Fall 2005).

Kinetic Distortion is and will continue to produce many genres of intelligent dance music that sets itself apart from all of the ""cookie cutter"" producers out there. By taking a chance and making their own sound instead of mimicking the rest, K.D. infuses intricate beats with catchy, heartfelt melodies (be they sad or happy) that will stand the test of time.

You can find us at www.KineticDistortion.com where you can hear 6 new Trance tracks, 2 remasterd tracks from our last album, “The Color Of The Number 8”, 2 remixes we did for artists on myspace.. Ayria at: myspace.com/ayria and Divider at: myspace.com/Dividerbm

Also available is a 1 hour live Trance P.A. we did in April ‘05. @ “Return” in Los Angeles. Plus 3 remixes of our tracks done by Odeed, W.E. Productions, and ex-Lango members.

As The Desert Dawn Breaks

Progressive Trance
h h

They WIll Never Accept
Anti-Rave Law song.... 'nuff said.

Progressive Trance
h h

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Toronto based Pop/Goth artist Ayria has released her new double album “Flicker” with a K.D. Remix of “Be ME” on her Remix c.d. http://www.ayria.com/music.html
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