More than 27049 unique plays since January 2013, It appears I owe everyone a sincere "Thank You!" for listening, on behalf of myself and all the many talented musicians who worked together to make this music possible.

Georgia On My Mind
A retro 80's Synth Pop romp...

80s Pop
h h

Ray of Hope
A journey through guilt and forgiveness.

h h

Lay it down
Lay it Down is about Duty, and not becoming a slave to it. We all carry burdens which began as duties we assigned ourselves. Sometimes we loose sight of larger needs and continue slavishly to push the boulder up the hill, not realizing there’s nothing we currently need or want at our goal. This tune suggests resting and re assessing those priorities.

Acoustic Rock
h h

So Small
J.C. Kerchval tells me he started writing this song after watching his oldest son graduate high school, thinking about the old saying...."they grow up faster than you know".

h h

Far and Away
The yearning deep within for change and newness pits us against ourselves, our commitments and our own passions. "Far and Away" explores this territory in a very familiar and engaging way!

h h

Aidan's Heartsong
Heartsong is about transition, personal growth and moving on.


Acoustic Ballad
h h

An anthem questioning anticipation and value in our society. Written by Eric Myers

Country Rock
h h

Sea of Lies
About the little deceptions in our lives which keep us afloat. Self-delusion, ego preservation, what ever name it goes by it permeates our our lives, often against our better judgement and against our Concious wills.

h h

Simple Things
Review by Azar Breakey,"A seriously beautiful song; lyric is everything, the way its sung, full of emotion and feeling. It has a lovely soft rock/folk feel...reminded me a little of the style of "The Beautiful South" Your arrangments are so heartfelt and the lyrics say so much! I love the line "Our children, their laughter, watching them run free." ....Lovely song writing, real good vocals and a marvelous production! I'll be back, Thanks! Azar Breakey, London, 2/28/05" AP Double All Genre #1, (N

h h

A lone hawk soars above a windswept valley, methodically searching for prey. In the moment of the kill, release! The collaboration track that started it all.


Abstact Lounge Jazz
h h

Wendy Gronzdil, 2003 Vancouver, BC. writes- "I have to say, once again, you've put my vision to music, in a beautiful, heart-wrenching way...Thank You!"

Vocal electronica
h h

Walks with Angels
Walks with Angels was written for, and is dedicated to, the daughter of a friend of Dave Bell who was killed in a car accident.

h h

Dream Voices
A piece about modern life in our Dream World of electronics and gadgets transposed against our archetypal imaginations. We are never alone, we are never truly at rest. Use Headphones!

Vocal Electronica
h h

Face of God
Merlin: "Anál nathrach, orth' bháis's bethad"(Serpent's breath, charm of death…and life.) Arthur: "I dreamt of The Dragon" Merlin: "I have awoken Him!...Can't you see, all around you, the Dragon's breath?"

h h

Atomic Cowgirl
A country/Folk/Punk flavored collab with Eric Myers featuring a great harmonica performance by Steve Blizin.

Alternative Folk
h h

a tune about how the lines get blurred in times of national strife and turmoil.

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

Winter Lovers
A bluesy, jazzy Rock Vocal piece based on a poem by the spoken word artist "Ox3."

h h

Easy Now
A blues guitar/vocal duet with Eric Myers of Missouri.

h h

Dunkin' Donut Song
Recently submitted this to the "Dunkin Donuts" "What I wouldn't do for a Dunkin Donuts Coffee" contest... Haven't heard a peep out of them! A rollicking Ragtime Romp with great Guitar from Noel and a Redbone Style bass vocal from Richard.

h h

Forever Mine
Forever Mine- "Remember a warm slow summer morning when you woke up together with your lover?" These words of de_scription by Lars Fosdal inspired the lyrics. Lars composed the music in 2002, using then new synthesizer "Svetlana Kurzwiel" noting the tune has no actual bass guitar line. It was a real pleasure working on this track with Lars who is a noted software and systems designer in Europe.

h h

Remember Me
A work exploring mortality and the legacy many of us hope to leave with music provided by Steve Hewitt of "OX3".

Vocal electronica
h h

Forever You!
A mega collaboration across 3 continents (at least)from 2002 orchestrated by Gesh Saba from the Canary Isles.Featured are Vidal Sanchez, Richard Montefiore, Toscano Pablo, Maite, Gesaba & Antonio Reina

h h

Fred Rogers Blues
Fred Rogers Blues A rollicking “Beatles - y” blues tune celebrating the life and contributions of American Public Television’s Children’s guru Fred Rogers, better known as television's "Mister Rogers," a cultural icon and kindly neighbor to generations of American children. Mr. Rogers died in February, 2003 after a brief battle with stomach cancer at the age of 74

h h

Wind, Fire, Water, Time
An electrolyte-bubbling from the ethereal primal Ooze. Explores growth and destruction, life and death, building and erosion. Music bed from the wonderful Wendy Grondzil!

h h

Wedding Blessing
The Creator reluctantly endows wayward offspring with knowledge and corruption needed to survive. The celebrants revel in their new-found freedom and wonder at the infinite universe.

Vocal electronica
h h

A journey from hopelessness to redemption in the human soul, examining the choices we make along the way as well as their consequences.

Vocal electronica
h h

Burning Windows
The most AOR of the tunes from "The Hollow", Burning Windows is an infectious almost pop"y" metal anthem.

h h

Age of Man
Most metal of "The Hollow's" art rock endeavors. A vedic vision of Armaghedon/rapture. Stick around for the razor sharp guitar solo!

Art Rock
h h

Frayed Edges
Rockin street story with a breakdown in the middle. From 1986 "The Hollow" set.

h h

This is Life, This is Love!
"brother_hippy" of Woodridge, IL writes on 3/19/2006 "great tune. melodic and sweet. Nice mellow groove that keeps my toes tappin...love the lyrics, the vox and harmonies are a perfect fit. and of course i can hear Alex a mile away :) great song. great job peace BH"

Pop Rock
h h

Speaker for the Dead
Malake Dancer: A requiem

h h

Hold on to Love
Catch that Snowflake on your tongue. A soulful and plaintive plea for faithfulness in the face of adversity, written and largely performed by Eric Myers, Harmony vocals Richard Montefiore, Organ by Gomez, Mandolin by Dave Mebane

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

Haunted Bayou
A lonely soul wanders through a midnight town scape longing for his beloved, suffering love unrequited. Both apart, so untouchable and unreachable, are within earshot of the bells of the same nearby tower.

h h

A laid back rock ballad with vocal and harmonies!

h h

DMD Compact Disc Online
The Hollow
Tracks written and performed in 1986/1987 by "The Hollow" in Cincinnati

Alternative Modern Rock  info  

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Neil w Young

3/14/2012 8:24:02 AM

Thank you for stopping in at my page and for you very kind words about my role and efforts during the past year.

Kind regards and best wishes.


Chandra Moon

3/19/2011 4:01:15 AM
Just really enjoyed listening to several tracks here - great mix of stuff - more like a station than an artists page. Wonderful.


10/8/2007 9:05:12 PM
Hi there

Have just discovered your page via your blog--------really good solid tunes and vocals----I like!!

Al Stravinsky

6/8/2007 5:23:20 AM
It's been along time. Still loving what you do. Hope you are well.

I'll be in Whitby for the summer holidays - it's about 70 miles from here, or thereabouts. We'll visit the ruined abbey on the hill, overlooking the bay where Bram Stoker's Dracula landed all those years ago... I'll even post some photos to take you back to your roots.

Take care



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