From the outskirts of DC and the hills of Manassas emerges a new band with a unique sound and fierce determination unparalleled in the music business today. Everyone But Pete blends together a refreshing mix of acoustic rock, reggae, jazz, and funk with their melodic riffs, harmonic vocals, and airtight rhythm section. Their poignant and anthemic rock ballads speak of love, heartbreak, life, death, and dreams inspired by their own experiences.

Currently recording their first EP, Everyone But Pete has just released their first single ""Delay"" which can be heard here, and plans to release their full album by Fall 2005. Touring locally and regionally, they are developing an ever-growing fanbase with their high-energy live shows, and invite you to check them out next time they are in your town.

This song was recorded by Scott Spelbring at Dragonfly Studios in Haymarket VA. Released as EBP's first single, this song has recieved airplay on various radio stations in the DC area.

Alternative Acoustic Rock
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natasha green Hey EBP! I've been listening to your songs and they blew me away! Keep up the amazing work. Love, Natasha Green
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