Strongly influenced by the fruits of the downtempo Bristol sound of the early nineties, Endless Blue's music spins the trip-hop style in a new direction while staying true to their roots. They infuse trip-hop's ""signature"" lo-fi beats, vintage synths, and jazzy bass with guitar and songwriting that leans toward the indie-rock vibe of their original home of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sprinkled into these grooves are eclectic snippets of other genres, from synth-pop to industrial to loungecore to staright-up rock. Finally, bringing it all together is a female voice that is a blend of numerous eras, from the torch singers of the '40s to the classic female rockers to the modern trip-hop singers.

Trashy beats, jazzy keys, sultry vocals -- this is Endless Blue.

Fear and loathing for the person inside. A bit more uptempo trip-hop track with a powerful chorus.

Trip Hop
h h

A new place, a new face, but he'll never commit. Heavier trip-hop/electro with cool ambient vocals.

Trip Hop
h h

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Endless Blue