When Dyann and Michael Woody harmonize, a magical thing happens.
You can feel something resonating inside you.
They seem to be reaching into a place of half-forgotton pleasure,
a musical place where memory, nostalgia, tradition and innovation meet.
It's almost as if they're plucking the strings of your soul.

Legendary producer Brain Ahern hears it. So do Michael's celebrated
co-writers Steve Earle, Chris Hillman and David Lee Murphy.
Emmylou Harris hears it, too. Always a bellwether of taste and talent, she came to
perform on The Woodys debut album.
There are other titans of California country that came on board,
figures such as Albert Lee and Al Perkins.
All of them heeded the sound of the siren call of the wonderous Woodys.

They sound as if they were born to sing together.
Actually, each took a round-about route to find the other.
Dyann Brown and Michael Woody were both popular singers
during their collegiate days in Colorado. He favored the sounds of The Burrito Brothers,
Waylon Jennings, Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris.
She was a rocker in an all-female r&b show band,
complete with choreography. They knew each other. They even dated once.

But 10 years elapsed before they found each other again.
Dyann went to Los Angeles to find work as an actress.
She did a number of commercials, TV pilots and even
starred in a horror film called Lonewolf.
At the same time, she drifted back into acoustic music
and began showcasing her original tunes as a solo singer/songwriter.

She recalls ""The feedback that I kept getting while I was in L.A. for those five years was,
'You really need to go to Nashville.' So that's what I did.
I listened to their advice, put some songs together and left.""

She arrived in 1993. One of the first things she did was to hook up with the other Colorado transplants active on the Music City scene. They took her to a Michael Woody show.

Michael says, ""I came to Nashville in the fall of 1985. And, bingo, my first song I had cut went to #1 (1988's ""He's Back and I'm Blue""). I used to play clubs a lot.
Did a whole string of showcases, but nothing happened. I was having
up-and-down success as a songwriter. But by the time Dyann came on the scene,
I had pretty much given up any hopes of being a recording artist.""

Michael Woody's songs have been recorded by The Desert Rose Band, Steve Earle, Barbara Mandrell, Clay Walker, David Lee Murphy and other country stars. But like many Nashville songwriters, he is as vocally gifted as the artists he writes for.
Dyann Brown saw that right off the bat.

""We developed a friendship right away,"" she recalls. ""I thought, 'This is a great guy. I want a friend like him.' It wasn't until after we got engaged that he said,'Did you know that I took you to lunch 10 years ago?' And I didn't remember. But I can tell you exactly
what the significant dates are now. I got to town on June 2nd;
we got engaged on June 25th and we were married August 6, 1993.""

The original plan was for them to develop as independent artists. But inevitably, she began harmonizing with him and he with her. Dyann heard something special whenever that happened. She took a duet tape to Brian Ahern (producer of Emmylou Harris, Ricky Skaggs, George Jones, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Rodney Crowell, Anne Murray), who became the first of the believers in The Woodys.

Ahern had been seeking a male/female Everly-style duo for the '90's.
Michael and Dyann were the living, breathing embodiment of his vision.
The Rounder Records staff were the next to become believers.

Their music will make you a believer, too. Put it on,
close your eyes and prepare to have your soul stroked.
This is the sound of sublime vocal communion. This is the sound of The Woodys.

-adapted from the notes of Robert K. Oermann

In 1998, their debut album shot up to #1 on the Gavin Americana Chart and they received worldwide critical acclaim. The Woodys went on to win Country Music Vocal Duo at the International Music City News Awards and the album was one of the top 5 picks by TNN's in the US.

In 2000, The Woodys were one of the artists on The Gram Parsons Notebook Project: The Last Whippoorwill. The Woodys performance was singled out by Entertainment Weekly saying, ""they create some gorgeous moments like the Woodys' soulful take on 'A Song For You.' The album reached #3 on the Gavin Americana Charts in the US.

For the next couple of years, Dyann & Michael wrote and recorded their sophomore album, ""Teardrops & Diamonds."" In the summer of 2004, Scena Records/Sony RED releases this 'Country Classic'. It has already received stellar reviews, is being played on Americana Radio and is charting in the top 40.

Another record release by Scena/Madacy will be in August of 2004. The Woodys have two beautiful songs on a Compilation Bluegrass/Gospel Record with Ricky Skaggs and other bluegrass artists. Michael's incredibly poignant, ""Circle Of Angels"" and Steve Earle's ""Nothing But A Child"" are the featured songs.

The Woodys have completed an acoustic/bluegrass album that will be released in February of 2005 on Scena Records/Sony RED. ""Telluride To Tennessee"" features Chris Hillman, Herb Pederson, Gretchen Peters, Pat Flynn, Al Perkins, Ronnie McCoury and Tammy Rogers.

Don't Blame Me

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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