In 1997, JD Myers prepared for the release of his debut Asylum Records album. He had been signed to the Nashville label for two years with little excitement from their promotion team. ""They felt that it would be hard to get me on country radio because I was so different from what was going on"", says Myers. It turns out they were right. The first single, ""When I Think About You"" failed to get anything above regional radio play. It did however turn heads on CMT as the video sailed into heavy rotation. ""That told me that the people were ready for the music. I just needed my record label to convince radio."" recalls JD.

The album's release date was pushed back to 1998 and another single, ""Wishin' And Waitin'"" was picked to have its chance with country radio. Although it did somewhat better it still didn't gather national exposure. It was then that JD made a bold move. He asked out of his record deal. Myers states, ""A lot of people thought I was crazy, but I knew that there was no future at Asylum Records for an artist like me. I needed a label that would embrace my creativity and fight for me"". It was at this point that JD decided to re-evaluate himself and the industry. Country music was declining after the big boom of the early 1990's and Myers felt that he needed to be better and wait for a better day to try again.

He went back to the basics that made him love music in the first place. For the next several years he continued to write songs and play clubs, VFW's, Moose Lodges, and anywhere else country music was welcome. Then, in early 2003 he received a call from his former publishing company, Warner Chappell Music. In an unheard of act of generosity or possible guilt he was told they were giving him the publishing rights to all of his songs and ownership of all of his recordings. ""It was such a gift."" says Myers. It was at this point that he set out to do his own independent album. JD enlisted the help of Grammy Award winning engineer, musician, and producer Rusty McFarland. McFarland had produced most of the Warner Chappell recordings over the years and was eager to be able to finally finish what they had started. '""Rusty's from Memphis, so he really understands American roots music and how to make a great record with a lot of soul."" Myers muses. Together, the two combed through almost 80 recordings deciding what would become the record. They settled on 14 songs. ""We really worked hard to make sure every aspect of what I can do is represented."" explains Myers.

""Hard Times"" is a thoroughly impressive collection that finds the Virginia native crafting a gritty fusion of rockabilly, west-coast country, the outlaw sound and rock and roll blues. Myers co-wrote 10 of the cuts on the album and played guitar on 11. Although it was intended to be an independent release, it has now gathered major label attention. ""I put my heart and soul into this album and I'm just glad that it is being noticed."" says Myers. The new album's title is a declaration of what JD has experienced. ""I moved to Nashville 10 years ago with the notion that it would be easy. For awhile it seemed that way because I achieved so much in a short amount of time. Now I know better. When I sing about hard times I mean it because I've lived them. My family and faith have truly gotten me through."" says Myers. ""Waylon Jennings once told me that above everything else, I have to be true to myself. I've never forgotten that. It may take a little longer doing it my way, trying to do my own thing, but I'll have no regrets.""




Electric Guitar: JD Myers
Pedal Steel Guitar: Russ Pahl
Bass Guitar: Hoot Gibson
Piano: Tony Harrell
Acoustic Guitar: Jeff King
Drums: Greg Morrow
Harmony Vocals: Neil Thrasher

Hopelessly Yours

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JD's great trucking anthem, "Big Highway" from the album, ""Hard Times"" will be debuting on "All American Superstar" the week of March 1, 2006. Be sure to get your FREE copy of the CD by picking up "Big Rig Owner Magazine" at your nearest truckstop!
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