Soundfreak has been making music since 2001.
He started out making Psytrance, after a while he started
to produce Ambient, Chill and Electronica instead.
Soundfreaks style is a style of his own. He says that he whants
to express what he feels inside with his music. He experiments a lot with his music
and has collaborated with various artists.
Soundfreak says that he is making progress all the time ,and that is just what
he loves with the music making.He loves to play around with sounds and beats and he
finds it difficult to be away from his studio. Under the three years that he has been making
music, he have spent many thousands of hours in the studio.

Soundfreak says that hes addicted to the art of making music.
This is his life and he loves it.

So open your mind, close your eyes and dream away

This is ambient,chillout. electronic music, with alot of feelings!! check it out

h h

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