Born in Munich, Germany, singer/guitarist Rodger Christmann has produced a genre all of his own—what one might describe as “New Age Classic Sound”—kind of a melting pot with the likes of Bread, Clapton, and Paul Young. The bluesy guitar style characterized by precise, economic solos, and a smoky vocal delivery with a nice breathy overdrive that is warm, intimate and passionate—even sexy—make his music instantly recognizable. Rodger Christmann has been performing since the early 1990s with his musical partner Rick Kus, a Polish native, who performs on keyboard and accordion.

Currently Rodger Christmann is working on his debut album, scheduled for release in late autumn 2005. The album will include Rodger's originally composed tunes, and will feature Rick Kus, as well as guest musicians Stefan Faust on percussion and Sebastian Teufel (Yellow Jumps Twice) on guitar and mandolin.

Little Town Blues
Upbeat bluesy rock song about a small community loosing it's social enviroment

Pop Rock
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DMD Compact Disc Online
Rodger's first EP "Blue" is featuring 4 beautifully handcrafted acoustic pop songs. This is a special IAC release containing the bonus song "Dr.Julia"

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The song "Blue" is featured on "Artists Answering the Call" - a great AL compilation CD supporting hurricane and disaster relief efforts. All Proceeds from the CD will go to help the Victims. It's for a very good cause and the music on the CD is excellent. So please consider to help out with buying the CD here

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