3politan (pronounced tri-politan) came together when Nolan Love (vocals, guitar) Greg Russell (guitars) Darryn Graham (bass guitar) and Andre Gressieux (drums) decided that a band does not have to exist in just one city. This band claims three cities as its base; San Francisco, Baltimore and Boston.

When together, time is very precious and 3politan has to make the most of it. The band will often fly in from their respective cities to play live, record or even just to write songs. Fans of the band refer to the music as energetic and mainstream, and 3politan’s style has been compared to bands such as Coldplay, Counting Crows, Bare Naked Ladies and Maroon 5.


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Everything Between

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The band has just wrapped up recoding their first self-titled EP at Q-Division studios in Boston. The EP consists of 3 songs (Everything Between, FeelFine and Complication) – all available for free at www.3politan.com.

Over the summer, 3politan will played several dates in Boston and Baltimore to promote their new EP.
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