It’s a rock and roll party reminiscent of sounds from the old Sunset Strip days and early Van Halen, with fantastic work from all the musicians.

Is Straight Six the answer to ‘Is Rock still alive?

The answer is a very resounding ‘YES!’

Formed in 2017, Straight Six is the modern equivalent of the days where the rock was loud, the musicians gave their all, and no holds were barred.

Featuring Jay Quintana(Death Bed Confession) on vocals, Glen Drieth(Chris Cagel Band) on bass, Joey Shapiro (XYZ)on drums, and Eric Schaudies on guitar, this merry group of individually talented musicians has reinvented the idea of the ‘Rock Band’.

The concept for Straight Six originated as a revisiting of a version of the band that Glen formed previously, with songs and an attitude that resonated with the fans and the industry. Times changed, but due to the changing nature of the scene, it was time for a rebirth…

Enter the rest of the band—with the power and finesse of Joey Shapiro driving the band, Eric Schaudies bringing the songs new and strong riffs (and a few blistering leads), and Jay Quintana adding a mixture of soulful and awe-inspiring vocal adventures, the vision originally conceived by Glen has come into full focus.

Straight Six has had the honor to share the stage with :

Queensryche, Extreme, Great White, Vixen, Autograph, The Sweet, Firehouse, Steelheart, John Corabi, Reno Divorce, Babylon A.D., D’ moll’s, Rough Riot, Raven, Zebra, DIO Disciples, Stryper, Slaughter, Saving Able, Romero, Tora Tora, Paul Gilbert, TRAPT, Lynch Mob, Kip Winger.

Cry All Night

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Straight Six