Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Kevin Never Talks has been touring the U.S. for about 5 years now. Kevin Never Talks consists of Kris James (vocals/guitar), Joel Dragoo (bass), and Bollet (drums) with Stef Roumell as the live MC. The band began when summer slacking, drinking, smoking and playing/recording music led to some very good times and thus Kevin Never Talks was born. Out of that fateful summer, the band recorded their debut album titled, ""................."" and immediately began playing shows locally and were a big hit. The next summer saw their second album released, ""Say Something......Dammit!"" Since then, Kevin Never Talks has been going full throttle and has rocked the stage day and night playing any available gig at any available time. The year after, Kevin Never Talks signed a one year agreement with Almost Nowhere Records (based out of Sacramento, CA) providing their pivotal song, ""How it Goes"" (off their release ""Livin' for the Summertime""), which was featured on the label's compilation CD and was found in Tower Record stores throughout California. That year also saw their first state-wide tour. Soon after, they released the ""I'd Rather Be......"" EP, and went on their second state-wide tour adding onto their already powerful fanbase. That summer, Kevin Never Talks embarked on their first complete West Coast Tour hitting every region of California, Washington state, Oregon, and Nevada. When the tour was completed, they took no time off and immediately began work on their album, ""THA GOODS"". The following year saw their album, ""THA GOODS"" released. the summer of that same year also kicked off Kevin Never Talks' West Coast Summer Tour which hit all the states from the last tour. Along with their explosive live show, ""THA GOODS"" sales soared on tour as well as back in Los Angeles causing many label's and management teams to contact Kevin Never Talks with interest as well as scoring opening slots for such artists as the very famous Cee-Lo Green, and multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter The-Dream. Starting off the year after that, Kevin Never Talks embarked on a slew of shows all over California as well as being flown out to Miami, Florida to perform at an MTV Bash. As the next year began, Kevin Never Talks made Top 100 Hottest Unsigned Bands in the nation in Music Connection Magazine. They stepped into the studio that same year to record a follow up to ""THA GOODS"". The next year started off with a bang with the boys opening for Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony. They hit the road all over the western U.S. during the Summer in support of their new album ""Palm Trees & Smog"". 2013 saw another tour for Kevin Never Talks and many great songs written ! In mid-2014, they started recording their new album, 'Speechless' and released it to a near sold out House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA in May, 2015 and have toured for Summer 2015 !! They wrote most of 2016 and stepped back into the studio later that year to record their new album ""Naked 2 Famous"" to be released in Fall-2017. Watch out !! Any comments or questions ? Get in contact with the band at: KevinNeverTalks@aol.com or www.kevinnevertalks.com or Kris James: (707) 849-1999. They would love to hear from you!

"Win ! Win ! Win !"
the song "Win ! Win ! Win !" by the band Kevin Never Talks off their album 'Speechless' available on iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/kevin-never-talks/id310314033

Funk Rock
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Where Did U Go Last Night ?
the song "Where Did U Go Last Night ?" by the band Kevin Never Talks off their album 'Speechless' available on Spotify, iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/kevin-never-talks/id310314033

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Goin' Down
the song "Goin' Down" by the band Kevin Never Talks off their album 'Speechless' available on Spotify, iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/kevin-never-talks/id310314033

Pop Rock
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Kevin Never Talks is just about to release their new album 'Naked 2 Famous' in October 2017 !!
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