Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Hara Paper picked up her first (toy) guitar at the age of three. She began taking classical guitar lessons five years later from Diane Bault, who continued to nurture Hara's musical growth all the way through her entrance as a classical guitar major at Mobile’s University of South Alabama where Hara joined the University's Classical Guitar Ensemble.
In her teen years, after hearing rock legends such as Led Zeppelin and Styx, she found herself constantly playing rock riffs instead of practicing her classical lessons.
As her interest in pursuing her classical studies declined, Hara reassessed her educational goals. From an early age she had always been interested in art, drawing, doodling, and creating designs—leading her to apply to The Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida where she graduated with a BA in Illustration.
Hara laid down her guitar and dedicated herself to her art career. In 1991 she listened to the CD “Little Earthquakes” by legendary Tori Amos, which led Hara to realize that there were no restrictions in self-expression through music. After meeting Tori in 1992, Hara began songwriting and playing in various venues in Atlanta, including the popular “Eddie's Attic.” A few years later BellSouth transferred her to Raleigh, NC. She was selected to perform in a televised event, the "Divas of Raleigh." Hara increased her performance schedule and became a popular fixture in the local music scene. In 2002 Hara moved to Chattanooga, TN and currently plays all around this area at venues including the Hunter Museum, The Camphouse, Rhythm & Brews, The Office, Charles & Myrtles and more. She is available for all private events.

Lazy Days

Classical Acoustic Guitar
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Chattanooga Tennessee United States
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Hara Paper