We sing, we play, we love to skate

We'll tell our yarns and animate

In fact we think our tunes are great

So meet us by the old farm gate

It all began on Second Life (a popular internet virtual world). Cowgirl Sweetbaby Hilltop hooked up with Avery Dumpling at the skating rink where they danced and performed tricks together. Avery sang and played guitar and Sweetbaby sang too. They soon became a duo and wrote Country songs together. They'd put on little shows which also included their horse Ginny.

The Skating Dewberries stopped performing at Second life but they still have a legacy of great tunes which they're happy to share with y'all here at Indie Music People.


BIG WIDE MOUTH f Sweetbaby Hilltop
BIG LOUD SONG (vocal led)

Alternative Country
h h

Even a blind man could see ft Sweetbaby
Very short vocal led ballad

Easy Country
h h

Oh Sweetbaby f Avery Dumpling
Acoustic Country love ballad

Alternative Country
h h

Avery, my Avery f Sweetbaby Hilltop

Country Ballad
h h

The bottom of the barrel f Avery Dumpling
Acoustic Country song

h h

Skinny Ginny f Sweetbaby Hilltop
Upbeat Country

h h

We didn't get the tee shirt by Sweetbaby
Sweet verse and punchy chorus

Country Pop
h h

Ma I want a Country boy f Sweetbaby
Lively Country song with fiddle

country swing
h h

Whoopdidoop f Sweetbaby Hilltop
Bit of a Line Dance feel

LIne Dance
h h

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The Skating Dewberries