Back in 2003 This Night Without began their story as ""From Words To Nothing"". The Sound back then was more ""punkrock"", influenced by bands like; The Ataris, The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday and Yellowcard. But in early 2004 the band got hooked up with Ulrik Bjuhr, and From Words To Nothing became... ""This Night Without"".

Songs of stupid girlfriends became more serious, and the sound more heavier, but not because of Ulrik. - It was just a natural thing to do, we were all more into bands like Story Of The Year, Dead Poetic, UnderOATH and Senses Fail"" says Cristopher.

- Off course it`s fun to have a local fan-base, but our dream is to spread our music in every corner of the world and especially USA. And we`re going to get played on Jay-Leno neither he`ll like us or not haha, well the whole American punkrockthing got it`s ""scene"" over there so."" Cristopher Continues."" - But when it all comes down, it`s all about having fun, and to play live"" says Ulrik.

The full-length ""The Art Of Dying Before You Bleed"" can be witnessed in the hope of the near future. Who will be produced by Cristopher himself.

- Actually we have some songs recorded, and when the work is done, I think we`re going to look for someone who can mix the shit, and finally get some some label who can put it out. One step at the time... - Well it sounds more easier than it is. Says Erik.

Alternative-rock mixed with A little bit of this and that, Punk, Screamo or Hardcore, call it what you like. It's just rock and it`s good!

Always You

Alternative Modern Rock
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This Night Without