Music, rhythm, harmony ... emotion. Is it possible to imagine a world without music? I don't think so. We are immersed in music. The world that surrounds us is a creator of music, a drop of water that falls is rhythm, is music. For some of us, though, it is not enough to be enshrouded in these vibrations that we call music. Some of us feel the need to take an active part in this creation, they feel the need for a greater involvement in this emotion; sometimes occasional, other times so intense as to dedicate their entire existence to the satisfaction of this need. A need that goes beyond any form of technical ability to create music, an urge that is hard to resist, perhaps, impossible to avoid. How does one define such people? Musicians? Artists? ... I don't know ... but I feel, in some way, to belong to this group.

The Mediterranean sea, centre of an ancient world, melting-pot of cultures, its waves have forever carried from one end to the other of its shores the emotions of peoples and of nations, at the same time both distant and close; this sea has mixed and left intact all that it has come into contact with. It is impossible for me not be influenced by it, impossible for me not to subconsciously acquire the method ... move and mix, stop and leave intact. The raw materials? The sounds, the vibrations, the emotions of this our world. The instruments? Whatever is able to produce the sounds and that I am able to use.

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Natalie Brown

3/3/2009 5:54:32 AM
Hi Renato! How are you doing? Take care, Nat



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