steve badiola - vocals & guitars
chi resurreccion - bass
melvin macatiag - drums

from a song which came from a snapcase album where the band got their name from, TYPECAST is now one of the most much awaited new comers in a small-scaled music scene from a third world country called philippines. with overwhelming set of enormous performance every shows, the band is now creating a wide recognition among the crowd who comes to see and watch this trio on stage consuming all the heart-felt words of whispers and screams with wide arrays of contrast octave riffs that is totally melodic in a way that they have been labelled as an emo band from a certain underground scene in the province of laguna. in a masked type of fulfillment, almost for years of playing since they formed back in the latter weeks of december of 2000 the band plays with the urge of consistency of medium paced set of moods.

influenced by such foreign bands like: armor for sleep | further seems forever | atreyu | dashboard confessionals | saosin | appleseed cast | shai hulud | thrice | copeland | brandston | the get up kids | deftones | slowride | coheed and cambria | alkaline trio etc., the band's sudden interest in perfoming live shows are one of the reason why they've been stable for quite sometime right now. in certain rental studios in laguna where they rehearse for new materials for a set, typecast's sound are been known by their honest lines of lyrics which are true experiences in their lives. steve, the band's main song writter triggers the most violent yet hurtful set of songs every shows with pounding beat of drummming came from melvin who hits the drums like it owes him money. and exact and precise low keys of the bass that came from the mild fingers of chi. the coalition of these guys are what makes the crowd stand up to their feets and just abosorbing the music wether outside or inside venues filled with eye-tearing smokes. singing along to every lines like their hearts are outside their shirts and shredding it to pieces with experinces of break-ups and disastrous relationships.

the band originated from the streets of sta. rosa laguna where the underground music scene was concentrated on the new york hardcore style. that said place was the crib of bands like piledriver, 8oz, abberrant, ground zero, homicide and the likes. with the enormous number of hardcore enthusiast in the said place, TYPECAST was never intimidated by the fact that they play punk-rock music back then covering songs from some of their favorite bands like no use for a name, lagwagon & mxpx. later on, the band also reached out the provinces in the far most south like batangas, san pablo, sta. cruz, los baños, etc. where they played their most awesome shows ever.

the main song that bloomed in the year 2002 was the first cut from their 1st release entitled "forget". this song was the main reason for TYPECAST getting a hold of the heart-broken kids not only in laguna but in manila as well. the song created a great impact that it came to the point that the crowd would stand up and sing along to the most honest lyrics ever wrote by the band. "break my heart"... that's the part where it all began for the said trio. the most requested song for each and every shows where they played at. second to that was a succesful follow-up song entitled "last time" which was also the cover title for the said 1st release. and even until now... those songs are still being wanted by people who wants to listen to it over and over again...

making their way into the hearts of young people, TYPECAST released their 2nd independent record entitled "the infatuation is always there" with twelve cuts from their own shred of skins which triggered the emotions and the maturity of the band over the past few years. a contrast to their last release entitled "last time" which conjures a punkrock type of sound almost 2 years ago, TYPECAST's new album will tell you the story of how ones relationship fails one after the other, the guilt that consumes ones self and how to cope with failure and defeats. a follow up to their unforgotten first release, this new cd will definetly soothe your ears with power octave riffs and disastrous set of whispers of hope and desperations.

typecast is now always playing along side with valley of chrome which is also under one same management...

and this is the story so far...

another minute until ten

h h


h h

the infatuation is always there

h h

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arlhyne ohh.. aladin, bkit npunta u d2?.. hahaha, hnap me txtm8 weh'
cyruz_john18 favor8 band very nice band
beatrix will u ever learn
beatrix chicosci kami...boloks yan!!!
chiharu ok ka lang steve?
viruz idolz ko kanta nila lalo na ung last tym oooo kahit luma lakas ng tama..
purpleshadow huuu...mga namg aalipusta sa typecast wallaaaahhhh.di lang kau marunong mamili ng mga astig n banda...mga p*cha kau...hahahahahaha
purpleshadow astig n mga kanta nyo..woah d best kau 4 me..gs2 ko ung song nyo na wil u ever learn...sobra!pagpa2loy nyo lang guys
djzanecille wag kau ganyan pare-pareho lng clang mgaling
djzanecille ganda ng THE BOSTON DRAMA ng typecast lupeeeeeeeeeet
djzanecille para clang TAKING BACK SUNDAY ng pinas...
djzanecille wag kau ganyan pare-pareho lng clang mgagaling both typecast & chicosci
Lossforwords hoi sino yung taga surigao?? tga surigao din poh ako... sa STI.. badnewsbrown idol!!!
arlhyne layooh nman ng surigao. . . heheheh,,,
kevin idoL qu cueshe
gaspar sherwin astig 2ng band na to wil u ever learn astig
arlhyne npadaan lang!!!
aladin bulokz ka pla cueshe boyz
aladin puro pla mga bulokz tao d2 kadiri
mc lolz
mc ako taga surigao STI...hahahaha
mc idol ko funeral for a friend,the used,panic at the disco,taking back sunday.........wakokokookokoko
arbie wowwoweee...hehehe
leo wl tlgang k2;ad ang vand nu hnip ang mga soundz nu
AnGel EmO hi..........idol ko kyu!!!!
tazzzz h! steve!...ang cute..gling ng wil u evr learn...i luv ur band...
tazzzz h! mr cueshe...ang engot mo...fuck dat band!
tazzzz ...steve..pwd hingi ng #?
crizZe wahah,,,cute ng sOng nah will ever learn..heheh
crizZe fEEling happy whenever i hEar this sOng!...grabEh!...sO memOrable
jamie astig
aladin ei lyn cra po fone ko e yngatz ka nlng palagi by labyah
djzanecille TXT NYO PO Q 0922619415
tRixa_ wHuat?!!i realy like all your songs!!
bRoken_oFf all of ur songs are very really relates about my feelings.='c
maja galng ng typecast... keep rockin' mga idol..
sarah hmmmppp.... galing!!! favorite q kau..haha
reymark hi kuya emo my friendster ka add mo
reymark idol kita eh rakizta ako!!
jc wala b kau pic ng typecast,.,?un malaki,.,?
steve heres my
steve 09202958635
amrk naku yang chicosci ang mass bolok...astig tlaga typecast ...wohoooooo
amrk typecast....idol ko talaga kau cmula pa nung bata pa ko...i love you toll.cheer up...mark from surigao city...09202958635
kriZZZy1989 hallow here!
huwakkk huwag na mag away mahal ang tinapay kiss n lng kayo nyahahahhaha
joven mzta!!!!
joven mzta!!!!!!!!!!
rieph mga idol
kyde macore keep on rocking mga tol, suportado nmin kau, msta man un new album ntn jan? d pba nrerelease? bsta mga tol keep on rocking.
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