I write emotional songs for beloved humans who are seriously ill or even gone, as well as for my dear pets or animals having left me alone. My music is created to heal the pain deep inside, and I sing with the voice of my heart. I hope I can speak to your soul so we can hold together, understand and help each other, feel better soon and get new power to live on in joy and harmony. And after this we can be thankful.
I know for sure that my music can heal my pain and sorrow. And you'll see, my songs will help you, too. With sounds of true love!
Please listen and enjoy!
Love and peace to you,
Kirawe W.

Welcome To Rainbowland
Dedicated to our beloved pets or animals. After they are gone they find the way into rainbowland where they live on joyfully in paradise with all their friends.

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Nadia Cripps

11/14/2009 11:52:59 AM
Dear Kirawe W. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my radio station. I'm adding your song "Welcome To Rainbowland" with pleasure. It's very moving. I can see you compose songs about animals who left us, to heal people' pain. I composed an instrumental about a dog who was suffering in the hope of helping him to heal. We all know that music has amazing healing powers. My instrumental is called "To Dear Clifford" and my composition was inspired after Clifford's owner asked people to pray for him. This was my way of praying for Clifford. Luckily Clifford survived his ordeal. If you have a little time to listen, it's on
click here
Kind regards,



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Kirawe W.