70's and 80's punk, glam, and rock n roll. This gang of four grew up together which is evident from their cohesive & electrifying shows described as leaving audiences awe struck and pumped. Their songs are writen by all four members: Al-G (guitar & vocals), Jarrett JT Trash Gardner (guitar & vocals), Mike E Mic McWilliams (bass & vocals), and Shawn Ptera Peters (drums & vocals). Striving to make records great in their entirety, their new release ""Desolation Chic"" is due out in summer of '05 on Bubble Empire Recordings.

10 Minute Smile
things are real wild with a 10 minute smile

h h

Is What I Is
party song sing along. I is what I is don't you ask me no questions

h h

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Storm Warrior

5/19/2007 1:31:54 AM
So where are you guys these days?



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The Urgencies first record, Desolation Chic is due out July 2005 on Bubble Empire Recordings. An end of summer tour will take them through the western U.S. in September.
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songs to sit on the porch and drink beer to

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