SFP: A New Album
“Down To Memory Lane”. Finally it’s here then. This is SFP’s latest full length album, released by Eye Spy Records (Flatcat, The Setup, Brave Like A Cowboy). We’ve been working months on this punkrock project but we assure you that every drop of sweat, every tear and all the toil were worth it. Thank you for taking the opportunity to find out what SFP is all about today and tomorrow.

Previously on SFP
“Down To Memory Lane” is the successor of the “Making The Hood Look Good” cd that was released by Eye Spy Records in 2002. This debut from SFP was extremely well received and kids and insiders were enthusiast on the results. The following months SFP did numerous support acts for bands like The Ataris (US), Piebald (US), Satanic Surfers (SW) and way more. Early 2004 severe preparations were made for a new album that was meant to outclass the previous one. Intense practice sessions were followed by intense pre-production during the summer of 2004. Finally, in September 2004, twelve songs were ready to be taken into the studio.

Down To Memory Lane
Finding the right one was a tough job, but in the end studio “The Globe” (Patrick Hamilton, Loppem) offered the best solution. With Guido Maes (Silverene, Soulwax) behind the mixing table, Tom Barbier (Lemon) and Jean-Louis Pourveur (Fatsoundz) as producers, the dream team was composed. What is more Dieter “Minx” (Flatcat) and Jochen Verledens (Severance) lend us their experience and voices in a number of tracks. The album was mastered at Electric City (Brussels) and the talented mister Yves Hellemans (Janez Detd, Praga Khan) took care of the artwork. The result of this all is an attractive looking, catchy, virulent punkrock album with a sound quality that meets national and international standards. First reactions prove Eye Spy Records right, when they claimed “Down To Memory Lane” would be a bomb. This is powerful, melodic and appealing music.

Are You Ready?
So this is where a new chapter begins. We’re set to go out and tell everyone about “Down To Memory Lane”. One track, “2 P.M.”, is sent out to introduce the world to the new album. Meanwhile SFP is performing as often as possible as they enjoy it a lot and audiences are keen on seeing them. Needless to say SFP is eager on playing as many times as possible, so do not hesitate to get in touch, because you will regret it if you don’t. This is four young men, having the time of their lives. We are ready, are you?

2 P.M.

h h

If Only You

h h

Sweet Angel

Punk Rock
h h

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SFP Summertour 2005:

8/7/2005 : Skatehappening
SFP - Severance
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9/7/2005 : Coq Rock
Telstar - Revenge 88 - Sanity - SFP - Ostend Powers - Stirrion
Venue: De haan
Info: www.koenie.be/CoqRock

16/7/2005 : Duynerock
SFP - Screaming Out - Morda - Severance - Death Before Disco - Ladbroke - and many more
Venue: Bredene
Info: www.duynerock.be

20/7/2005 : dMAC
SFP - Alice - PO Box - Flatcat - Moonshine Playboys
Venue: Frasnes Les Buissenal

23/7/2005 : Fieldfest
SFP - Born From Pain - The Agitators - The Skavengers - Aove Ignorance - Back Off 92 - Out Of Reach
Venue: Hamme
Info: www.fieldfest.be

24/7/2005 : Kneistival
SFP - Severance and more
Venue: Knokke - Heist

27/8/2005 : Vlamrock
SFP - Flatcat and more
Venue: As
Info: www.vlamrock.be

10/9/2005 : Thoprock
SFP - Severance and many more
Venue: Brugge

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