Just Joe is a singer-songwriter, musician, producer, dj and boxer from Essex. His music is best described as Moby meets the Chemical Brothers and his sound is just truelly awesome!!.The new album 'Never Sell Your Soul' is a monster 18 track masterpiece featuring a collaboration with 'Tweaker' from Nine Inch Nails on the track called 'The Nightmare'. The sound on this album begins nice with some laid back summer rock but it twists into some colder darker heavier and even scary tracks!

This album is not one to play at night if your alone.

Just Joe has just signed a 5 year management deal with JJ Kane (CMP Ltd) and a record/distribution deal with Panartist/Sony BMG and is on his way to the top. He has scored a top 10 debut in the worldwide indie charts nestling in straight at no5 (www.panartist.com top 25) and also secured future gigs at the world renowned Rock/Indie/Electronica venue 'The Garage'. Just Joe has also played live to a sell out audience at the 'Purple Turtle (Camden London)

where he launched his E.P (Joe Music Unplugged) live and also performed alongside Paul Oakenfold at Eyelash POP (London) on top of all that he has done dj sets at the BBC headquarters and performed live in music venues in Ibiza and USA. Also recently Just Joe has signed a TV/Film and Modelling contract with Envenio who are based in London.

Just Joe will kick of the 'Never Sell Your Soul' Tour in London this coming August and the tour will see him travel all around the UK/France/USA/Canada/Australia/Spain/Slovakia/Serbia/Ibiza/Japan/China.

We want to Rock

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Taken from the Forthcoming album 'Never Sell Your Soul' by Just Joe

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The Nightmare
Taken from the forthcoming album 'Never Sell Your Soul' by Just Joe

Electronic Industrial
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By the Sun

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Help me!!
Just help me please!!!

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20/04/2004 I Fly with the stars Album is released

22/03/2005 Joe Music Unplugged E.P is released

23/05/2005 Just Joe announces new album 'Never Sell Your Soul' as completed.

18th June 2005 Just Joe Never Sell Your Soul Live concert

Heathcoate Arms
more info to come soon!
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