All that matters in the Falik experience is where the music takes you, and this music is definitely mobile. Falik's version of “world fusion” combines middle-eastern, Greek, Celtic, and Baltic folk elements with electronica; it is at once exotic and familiar. The songs have a raw, earthy quality, but are ebullient, exciting, and entirely engaging to the listener, with melodies that aim straight for your heart.
Falik is currently supporting the release of their second CD “The Ballad of el Efè” with live performances at local nightclubs, restaurants and festivals and regularly featured in belly dance performances throughout the country.
Falik is Charlie and Cheryl Pecot. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Charlie is a multi-instrumentalist, currently focusing on the Irish bouzouki, and plays bass, guitar, and percussion. Past stints include efforts with Jon ""Bermuda"" Schwartz (""Weird"" Al Yankovich long time drummer), Cast of Thousands, and more recently with Jeremiah Soto (of Solace). His wife, Cheryl, was always an avid musical enthusiast, so the creation of Falik was a natural progression.
As a group Falik will continue to make its rare brand of world electronica and hopefully see more opportunities to perform at larger venues.
Catch Falik at their current stint at Babylon's Mediterranean Restaurant in Riverside, California to see what the buzz is about. Visit for details.

The Ballad of el Efè
Belly Dance Electronica

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Ay Mambo
Hot tribal house / trance track featuring Latin and Mediterrranean influences.

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