Eddie Shaw (not to be confused with Eddie Shaw, the sax playing bluesman"") is bass player and 1 of the 5 songwriters for The Monks (LP Black Monk Time - Germany 1965). After The Monks, he recorded various soundtracks in the 1970s and 80s. (Chicago, Minneapolis& Nashville) including the LP ""Minnesoda""(Capitol Records) also known as ""Copperhead."" Still writing music and recording, he plays various instruments (bass, trumpet, keyboards, drums, & flute). Various artists, including Mike Fornatale, Len Curiel, Gary Burger, The Graves Bros. Deluxe, and Kelley Stolz have/or are contributing to the soundtracks. Since experimentation is part of his writing process, there are no genres as sole source of inspiration. According to Eddie, ""It's like string theory,"" going wherever it leads to. He was going to give this new group a more dignified name, ""Seven Swoops and and a Short Hop To Rio,"" but that would have forced him to become the singer known as Short Hop To Rio. Fearful of the curse that befalls singers (becoming convinced that they are the only ones in the band), he opted for the more reasonable name, his ""Hydraulic Pigeon."" Pigeons will eat anything and will fly from bronzed hero to bronzed hero, to relieve themselves - paying no mind to the proper respect statues of egotistical standing will insist they deserve. It's like playing music - a craving to understand the mysterious. Eddie Shaw is also the author of three books, published by Carsonstreet Publishing, ""A Cowboy Like Me,"" ""Black Monk Time,"" and ""Beltrami's River. All songs are published by Carsonstreet Publishing, and recorded by Sevencranes Music - a private label.

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Eddie is currently finishing a new CD titled, ""Dada Pop."" Various singers and musicians will contribute and be listed when the CD is finished. He is also working on an unreleased jazz/soundtrack, ""Jazz for Cheeseburgers.""

His newest book, to be published in 2009, is tentatively titled, ""Minnesoda Bird and The Irresistible Urge"" or ""The Trouble with Minnesoda.""
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Eddie Shaw And His Hydraulic Pigeons