Back in the Fall of 2006, three musicians with separate musical backgrounds came together and started jamming. Their sound relied on a solid rhythm section and well constructed rock songs. The main songwriter for the band is Jester Jack. He has travelled with former projects such as Rubix Wheel and Current, covering ground in cities and towns in and around Ohio. Some of the songs took inspiration from Jack's study abroad in Europe, where he took classes, absorbed the culture, and travelled to expand his mind and creativity. While living in Spain, he had a regular gig at a Cafe/Bar in Madrid, where people from all parts of Europe and Ireland came to socialize and listen to acoustic music. This fostered a demand for new and better songs, some of which took years to develop into what they are now. Some songs turned into intricate jams, while others were written as staight ahead rock anthems. Back in the states, the acoustic numbers were introduced to jam sessions and took on a life of their own. Jack had a stint playing with some members of The Marty Balin Band, a member and songwriter for Jefferson Airplane. This brush with fame led Jack to work diligently toward writing, learning classical, and striving to become a virtuoso.

J.J.B. has performed at bars, festivals, and benefit concerts throughout '07 and '08, gaining a following and honing their sound with added harmonies and backing vocals. A new CD was recently finished and soon to be released.

Jack - Guitar/ Vocals

Tim - Drums

Greg - Bass/Vocals

Let it Slide

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Columbus Ohio USA
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They have been featured in the Columbus Dispatch and played on various indie radio stations. "With the spirit of the Grateful Dead and the knowldege of Widespread Panic and Phish, Jester Jack is set to release its upcoming CD." A. Beck, Columbus Dispatch.

The band has most recently been featured in The Other Paper, a weekly entertainment newspaper in Columbus, Ohio. The writer compared the album with bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead. It can be described as a mixture of "mellow hippie jams...and meat-and-potatoes classic rock..." Rick Allen.
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