""""In the far east of Asia,
there's a man who calls himself a 'Wandering Savior'.
With his love and faith in Jesus,
he plays his big guitar to save the world.
The journey, just has begun.""

""Imari Tones's music is based on the faith which Tak ""Tone"" has in his mind.
God has been his good friend since he was a child.
The only purpose of its music is to show and take you to the neworld.
And neworld means the state of mind,
where human's mind is perfectly free from everything, greed, vanity, fear, even from yourself.
Is your mind free?""

""With his love and faith and strength given by rockn'roll, Tak ""Tone"" and his band mates recorded 10 albums independently, totally by themselves, which itself a miracle you can call. Not being tampered with commercialism and business excuses, these 10 albums are fruits of pure minds and forever the truth for the sprit of Imari Tones. After making those 10 works, it seems like time for them to get it bigger and spread the music to the world, like having their songs produced by Sascha Paeth, but actually it doesn't matter they make it big or not. Important thing is to keep the faith and find a new way as an artist for new era. And hopefully, to show the new standard of value as an Asian artist. God will show them the right way to proceed."" ""

Only One Wish
this is a kind of worship song but it rocks.

h h

He's Still With Us
sounds bit like Hager-era van halen

Hard Rock
h h

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IMARi ToNES now wants to go US and go Europe and go overseas.
And IMARi ToNES is now seriously looking for record labels to release the album.
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It's a concept album, based on a christian view and it's about relationship between god and human.
It's about changing our view and it's about love.

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