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Jack Harrison is a 24 year old musician who has been writing, singing and playing his songs for many years. He currently has over 60 songs to his name, all of which he's very proud of. As with every struggling musician he's having difficulty in getting his music heard, and yet, if the right person was to hear it, he knows [modestly] that he would have every chance as a popular artist. He has recently moved close to London with a suitcase of burning desire, ambition and intention on gettin his music heard and taken seriously. He's had countless experiences in performing alone and in the not so distant past as part of a four piece. He's currently looking for a record deal and a backing band, so feel free to contact him for recruitment. We'll conclude this synopsis by simply saying that, Jack loves making music and wants others to enjoy it. P.S. Jack's song list is updated regularly on his myspace, go there to hear and download more: www.myspace.com/jackharrison1

Suddenly Somewhere
Basic demo of my song ''Suddenly Somwhere''

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

Open Your Window
Soft rock

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

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Jack Harrison