Mali's Story
Once Upon a Time ...Not to Long a land of 10,000 lakes, the Dakota called it, Minnesota, "Water that reflects the Sky." A baby girl was born as a water sign, Scorpio. Her eyes were green as the forest, and they called her Mali (Molly), meaning... "One who Loves Nature and Soul," and she did. All growing up Mali Spent her time in Mother Nature's kingdom, daydreaming, and learning about the female half of God, until one day an Angel appeared and said to her...

" I know that living in the physical beauty that God has created feels like Heaven to you now, but you are no longer in Heaven. On your 14th birthday you will begin to see the world as it truly is, and when you do many waters will come from your emerald eyes, and your heart will feel broken. As your spirit will then see, what humanity has done, was never meant to be."

Mali did not believe the Angel, and after 7 years passed, she had forgotten all about what the angel had told her, until her 14th birthday when she saw what the Angel had described, and many waters came pouring from her eyes. She saw how huManity had used the female part of God, Mother Nature, and was not replenishing what they were taking, they were only killing off Life. Everything that huManity had become, was the opposite of what Life is. Even huManity's mind was no longer Natural, as they lived seeing the world and all it's creations as separate from themselves. Not only had they separated themselves from the Animal Kingdom, but they had separated themselves from one another, thinking that family was only those who were physically born from the same physical people as them, when all bodies came from the same source, and it broke Mali's Heart. The Angel appeared once again, and told Mali...

"Here is a Magical Wand (guitar) with one string for every vibration of Soul (6). Use this wand to create melodies that will bring tears to the hearts of Man and Womb-man, as your words will show those who can still use their hearts to see (understand) what they have forgotten and how to remember it. Only then will the water reflect the sky again, only then will the soul reflect and re-turn to the lost spirits. And this is where your journey truly begins Mali Woods."

Stars is from Melodic Wand now available on iTunes.


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