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""Roxy Rawson knows how to bewitch a crowd. The classically- trained musician has been bringing her unique blend of impish violin vocals to the London gig scene for a few years. Her music is beautifully peculiar; a sweet mix of classical notes and frenzied, catch-me-if-you-can lyrics interspersed with bursts of laughter. She doesn't take herself too seriously and is original to the point of raising eyebrows; she'll pluck the violin and substitute pens for her bow. Rawson's punky fairytale music - billed as edgy anti-folk with a violin - is fabulous on its own, but recent gigs with William Nein, who writes ""folk songs about people without heads who get asked if they'd like another cup of tea"" have provided Rawson with a platform. So what next? ""I want to learn complex dirty jazz,"" she says, inspired by the smoky jazz bars of Paris, where she studied. With tracks such as ""Riddle It"", ""Macavity"", ""Philanthropy"" and the magical, straight out of a fairytale ""I robbed a cook"", comparisons to the likes of Joanna Newsom and Regina Spektor are beginning to emerge. With each show, the applause gets louder and her name gets bigger.""

And another review!... :o)

""Last but not least was Roxy Rawson who came on clutching her violin and proceeded to play it like a guitar. A plucky little plucker here who sang with such ease and joy she really came across . The room fell silent at last and we tuned in to a fine talent that I am sure will go far. This for me was the highlight of the night and when she got her bow out she showed us she could really play that violin of hers with guts and gusto."" Remotegoat June 2008

And one more... ;o) Yay!

""Roxy Rawson is a riveting performer. Lovingly crafted, spontaneously eccentric and musically dazzling in equal measure."" IK:TOMS

Riddle it
Plucky, percussive, a bit funky, a bit strange...rhythmic.simple

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Roxy Rawson