Blake Hutyra - Guitar / Loops / Jupiter 6 / Piano
Justin Sweatt - Drums / Percussions / Synth / Piano
Zach Hennard - Bass / Guitar
(Aaron Grimaudo - Synth on EXPEP)

Skiesfalling is an Austin, TX band with a musical vision tied to the very root of what Austin represents, with its heart in the progressive psyche laiden foundations from the past with the idealogy of pushing it forward, and ""letting go"" into the future. Skiesfalling's music is very thought provoking, expansive, consciously transforming and transcendant, and hits the deepest root of our psyche and emotive composition.

Outside the home base as a live musical experience Skiesfalling's music has also found a home in the film community including independant films, 'Last Days of America' & 'When is Tomorrow' (Mo-Freek Filmworks Kevin Ford, Angela Bettis, Eddie Steeples), 'Roman' directed by Lucky McKee and Angela Bettis, and more recently music for the documentary 'Manufacturing of Fast Food Nation' directed by Kevin Ford about the making of Richard Linklater's latest film 'Fast Food Nation'....

Unfinished demo from upcoming full length album.

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
h h

Until We Are One
Demo from upcoming full length album

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
h h

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Austin TX United States of America
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SKIESFALLING 'EXPEP 1 - MINDBREATHS' (Total Running Time 29:44). Available in Austin at END OF AN EAR RECORDS $5.99 - To Order Call (512) 462-6008 or email End of an Ear ~Shipping Costs from End of an Ear are $2 domestic within the US and $4 international. They can do credit card orders through the store or via paypal. Thanks.

September '06 - Skiesfalling now on wesbite. Check it out!

2 new reviews of 'Mindbreaths' from Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine (UK) and The Silent Ballet webzine (see left in sounds like).

October '06 - Skiesfalling Interview with Setting Sun UK!

November '06 - Skiesfalling track 'Redwall' from 'Mindbreaths' EP now streaming on Spacelab Radio.

March '07 - Latest review of 'EXPEP 1 - Mindbreaths' at AustinSound check it out!

June '07 - Nice article from the Austinist about our friends Cue's new album with a reference to Skiesfalling and the Austin instrumental scene - ""They (Cue) are among the handful of exceptionally gifted instrumental bands such as Explosions In the Sky, Octopus Project, My Education, and Skiesfalling here in Austin.""
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