Singer BORIS BOUMA had entered Billboard at 34 and was touring with his band EPIDEMIC.

Bassist John ""TUMOR"" Fahnestock had toured the world as a founding member of SNOT and later AMEN, and was now doing the same with LO-PRO).

But when Time/Warner imploded, and the recording industry was brutally gutted out, both found themselves without a musical home.

Having lived through the death of Lynn Strait, singer from SNOT, and the loss of two previous recording contracts, Tumor took a break from music and started his own T-shirt business, 313MERCH COM.

Boris, having moved to Hollywood from his native Holland two years prior, chose a less productive path, and spiraled into an abyss of DRUG abuse.

But, Boris never stopped writing music With the help of old friend and PRONG touring guitarist, AARON SLIPP, he had even recorded several songs at home with a drum computer.

Several years later, Boris and Tumor met backstage at a Nine Inch Nails show Not only had they followed similar paths, they shared a taste for MUSIC.

After a long lasting search, a drummer was finally found in TOMMY SICKLES, formerly of NOTHINGFACE.

NOISE WITHIN takes pride in illustrating the point that:

Labels that resist change will go EXCTINCT.

Some musicians will go down with them


A three minute rock / punk / metal song, played by a band.

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