Music knows no geographic boundaries. Musicians and artists in every country produce an evolving menu of new and exciting sounds that continue to move the masses. One such artist, Petri Suhonen, has slowly emerged to grab the imaginations of listeners around the world. Born in 1980, Petri hails from Finland and constructs a tapestry of notes that fills the minds of his audience with unique blends of sounds and styles. But, like most artists who show true musical potential, Petri found success by looking within himself.

Electronic Beginnings

As a boy, Petri gravitated toward computers and electronics. He was fascinated by their flexibility and functionality. At the young age of 15, he discovered that he could use both to create music. Petri recognized early that computers offered a unique opportunity. They provided a channel by which he could escape and transcend the limitations placed upon his music. No longer was he constrained by the inherent limits of the instruments. Instead, he could use tools such as music sequencers and other software to create musical images with a beat. It wasn't long before he leveraged these tools to create his first song.

Viral Exposure Leads To Experimentation

In 2000, after upgrading his computer, Petri took a leap of faith and created his first song using software. It had a strong, distinctive drum and bass flavour. He quickly uploaded it onto the Internet to test the waters. Soon, word began to spread about his song. Listeners in several countries downloaded his song and became fans. The feedback was positive. Encouraged by the exposure and accolades, Petri pushed ahead and began experimenting with different styles of music. With the purchase of a trance music compilation, his music took an evolutionary step forward and began to attract more attention.

A Record Label Take Notice

Inspired by trance music, Petri created several songs in the trance and techno genre, each building upon the others. He continued to spread his music to his fans by placing them on the Internet. Each time he did, his songs would find their way to new listeners. Before long, one of his songs became a favorite of a Finnish DJ, who included it on his club playlist. But, in 2003, Petri's popularity surged dramatically.

Donning the name Primo Lux, he created a trance song titled ""Turnpoint."" It instantly gained acclaim and eventually found its way to Galactive, a Dutch record label (a subsidiary of Fundamental Recordings). ""Turnpoint"" was the catalyst to a record deal and soon, Petri found his song on a vinyl release.

Grassroots Support Grows

The exposure became intense as popular DJ's throughout Europe started playing ""Turnpoint"" in their rotations. Notable spinners such as Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Lange, DJ Jean and Pedro Del Mar backed the song and played it for their fans. The momentum continued to build. Soon, Petri's first song as Primo Lux had climbed to number 1 on the Dutch dance charts.

The following year, Petri released another successful song titled ""The Wall."" A prominent DJ named DJ Tiesto liked it so much that he played it at his 2-day event Tiesto In Concert 2 in Holland. 25,000 Tiesto fans danced to Petri's beat.

Broadening Horizons And Adding New Flavours

Never one to rest on his laurels, Petri began to explore other styles of music. The various styles began to influence his songs, adding different textures of sound to them. He focused his music on a funky big beat flavour with strong traces of disco. He hit the right chord and attracted the attention of another record label called Peeled Tracks. They signed a deal and released digitally 2 of his songs (""Feels Like Summer In The Town"" and ""Streets Of Kouvola"") under his artist name Primo Lux.

Like most driven artists, Petri continues to develop his style. He refuses to let his music stagnate, always searching for ways to keep a fresh taste in his sounds. He experiments with down-tempo songs that create a blend of film scores and bigbeats. He mixes trip-hop music beats with electronic backgrounds to create new audio tapestries. Petri has always striven to create new flavours in his music and remains open to all styles and influences.

Keeping Sharp With New Influences

Today, Petri takes the time to play regularly with a band called The Red House. Their music expands across jazz, funk and reggae, opening up new sounds and inspirations. Though his own music hasn't yet fully explored these genres, playing these styles with his band has begun to filter into his electronic productions. It's his way of sharpening the edge on his ideas and developing his creative voice.

Looking Ahead

Rare among artists is the ability, diligence and desire to constantly develop their creative expression. Too often, they stagnate, allowing their music to become old and boring. Petri takes an entirely different approach. He strives to always had something fresh to his music. He wants his fans to find something new and exciting each time they listen to his productions. He has devoted himself to finding inspiration in all types of sounds and beats. As his career progresses and his popularity continues to grow, Petri Suhonen is well-positioned to become a powerful voice in the music world.

Son Of A Human
Electronic beats blended in film music style composition.

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This is a blend with orchestral film music style simple compositions and electronic elements and rhythm.

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