"My passion and purpose in life is to touch every human heart that will stop and listen and feel what I put into my music....my intention is to move and inspire the very core of people to have an incredible experience simply by hearing a few notes of my music....by implementing a passion driven by unconditional love, I wish to let the world hear what is in their hearts by sharing what lies in mine." ~ Josiah Barlow

Winner of the 2005 International Online Music Awards
"Keyboard Player of the Year"

Josiah was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 30, 1979, and the first thing out of the doctor's mouth upon seeing his little deformed left hand was "Well, he's healthy, but he'll never be a piano player!" But what the doctor didn't know is he was looking at a baby with the determination to share the music in his soul with the whole world, in spite of being born with a challenge built-in.....

Josiah started writing and playing music when he was was 7 years old, and having only three half fingers on his left hand made it a very interesting journey. He was told as a child that he couldn't play piano because he didn't have two hands......well, no one tells Josiah that he can't do anything! He afterwards taught himself how to play, and was soon writing music to suit his unique playing style.

Forbidden Desire
Burning inside, it pulls at the pit of your stomach like an animal, driving your senses into overdrive, that ache that yearns to be fulfilled....let this song take you on a journey of forbidden desire. Reached #2 on the charts SITEWIDE in March/April 2005

h h

Fly With Me
A piece full of feeling, this song gives you the opportunity to soar on wings of happiness into the starry skies, with the breath of a warm wind on your face and feel the exilaration of complete and total freedom. =)

h h

Angel Goddess

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

Inspired by a sacred word from an ancient language, "Fiahfehlamun" means love with no bounds, love as big as eternity, with no conditions, love that encompasses all and touches everyone, the love that resides in all our hearts. This song is in honor of that one love.....Fiahfehlamun.

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

Magic Smile
This song goes to express the magic of a simple smile and the impact it can make on everyone who sees it.

New Age Rock
h h

Cosmic Flame
A song created to put into expression the magnificence of a soul's connection to another, a song to sing the eternal love of a cosmic flame.

new age
h h

Age of Aquarius
This piece captures the power and excitement of moving into an age where humankind is enlightened and empowered to live in peace.

Ambient Electronica
h h


h h

The title track to my newest CD, Touched promises to reach down and get you where no other song has ever gone. My wish is that during this piece you get to feel love in every way possible, on all levels....

h h

A New Way
A song to honor the many changes and shifts that are happening in the world today, to help us to see a new way to live, a new love, a new peace, to really, truly come from the highest nobility in ourselves and see that same place in everyone else.

h h

Sunset Rose

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

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