A maiden project by two unconventional electronica artists to experiment with their own talent. Da Bass Factor started out as a result of years of soul searching between these two individuals to find the common grounds in their diverse portfolio of tastes. The actual history of the project dates back more for more than 4 years, where two college kids met with the hope of finding alternative music genres to listen to and experiment with. Of course the songs are influenced by some mainstream genres, but overall it presents itself as a different force in terms of music and lyricism.
The band is influenced mainly by genres such as experimental electronica, alternative electronica, down-tempo, instrumental hip-hop, dub and industrial techno. Though, the music is influenced mainly by artists such as Massive Attack, Portishead, Asian Dub Foundation, Groove Armada and N.I.N the band draws its inspiration from many different sources ranging from music, literature and pressing issues.

Mathawaada "The Ideologies"

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Currently working on their debut album ""Elethnography""
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