No Kilter are a Math/Punk quartet from Glasgow, Scotland.
The band have shared stages with the likes of Don Caballero, Cinemechanica, Mutiny on the bounty, Future of the Left, Russian Circles, Fickle Public and Sometree.

The ""Galore Nation"" EP is out now!! and is available to order in the lockjaw records online store for a mere £3.75. visit

Space Raiders

Math Rock
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Glasgow Scotland
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Not only are these Glaswegians clearly very technically gifted musicians, capable of the same kinda controlled energetic recklessness that drew attention to At The Drive-In in their early days, their songs are also so carefully crafted that they take the listener on a journey through more emotions than you could shake a metaphysical stick at, without ever sounding contrived, laboured or self-indulgent.

Rock Sound Magazine

Clear devotees of first-wave acts like Polvo and Don Caballero, No Kilter stick to the basics of the form on these four lengthy songs: unintelligibly screamed lyrics over tricky time-signature shifts, stop on a dime dynamics and a rhythm section set on ""pummel."" Their disinclination to explore beyond these stylistic restrictions makes Galore Nation strictly for math rock purists, but to be fair, what No Kilter do, they do really well. In particular, the eight-minute closing track ""Sorry to Disappoint You, But..."" contains lengthy passages that work up a genuine groove in the inverted form of West African pop, where Colin O'Hara and Steven Murray's guitar lines provide the rhythmic drive and support while drummer Sam Massey launches headfirst into some showboating solos like some kind of post-rock Buddy Rich. So Galore Nation is strictly for genre fans, but those genre fans are going to love it.

Glasgow four piece No Kilter are after your brain. They want to tie it in knots and leave it twitching on the floor as it attempts to comprehend their brand of math/punk madness. Thing is though, behind all of the death-jazz posturing and virtuoso bass tapping insanity they have a keen ear for a tune and a melody. And they can blow you off of your feet too. Light on vocals, heavy on riffarama they make these epic songs sound effortlessly easy as they take them in all kinds of different directions. Space Raiders for example starts all screaming vocals and shredding guitars and slowly winds down into a groovy chill-out tune, yet maintains a decent tempo so as not to bore. Congratulations On Your Decision To Become A Criminal, apart from being up there as one of the best song titles ever, is an equal mix of the melodic and the brutal. This will turn off many, but give it a chance and it won't disappoint. Promising stuff.

It's undeniably exciting that a young, talented British band is making this kind of interesting, progressive music, that American acts have had a stranglehold on for such a long time, and that they pull it off with verve and skill.

Glasgow's No Kilter avoid all my previous misgivings of the Math rock genre and instead deliver 4 tracks that merge the aforementioned pigeonhole with enough rock/punk influences to create some genuinely listenable music whilst stretching any preconceptions to breaking point. 'Galore Nation' is a very impressive release indeed.

Lockjaw pride themselves on regularly unearthing great British talent, but in No Kilter they may well have discovered their most valuable diamond yet.....All in all, Galore Nation is just about as highly promising as introductions get.

Glasgow's No Kilter stride out with a debut ep 'Galore Nation', a disc so much smarter than the average that it'd probably steal you pic-a-nic basket if you're not paying attention.....A new band willing to so confidently showcase ideas on this scale deserves respect, not to mention repeat listens

With the spiralling guitars of Fall Of Troy, the screeching post-hardcore of early-At The Drive-In & some fine off kilter rhythms, this Glasweigan lot certainly know how to impress - and on the strength of this EP, they’ll certainly be giving their US counterparts something to cry over - invest in this now!

No Kilter are out of Glasgow and play an experimental math with punk punch that is too difficult to pin down, but quirky heavy progressive and pop could also be used as a de_s_c_r_i_p_tion but one thing is a for shaw and that is Nokilter can mix it very well. Although only a four track EP it lasts for over twenty five minutes allowing the band to experiment within each song and at times your could be forgiven that there are three songs mixed into the one. But certainly an interesting listen

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