Merwolf make loud rockin' songs to put a smile on your face!

You know, there is a lot of great music out there that seeks to explain the human condition and gives valuable insights into this world in which we live. Songs that touch the soul and have meaning beyond the aural plane. You just won't find them here! Well, not intentionally...

Life's too short - ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN!!!

Band Personnel:

Jon Bingham - guitars, vocals, drum programming.

Thanks for listening, MW

PS. If you like the songs here, check out the whole album on

Monsters Everywhere!

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Can't put a price on Happiness

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

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The debut album, Pop Monkey, is finally out and on the loose! It's also yours to buy for next to nothing - just visit our mp3 store by clicking the link below...

12 tracks (plus a hidden gem) to rock your world. Alternatively, you can buy individual tracks. All proceeds go towards helping orphan meranimals find new loving families. Kind of.

Track listing:

If this don’t Rock You
Penthouse Suite
Midlife Crisis
Great time Everytime
Monsters Everywhere!
When are we gonna start having Fun?
Too Rock n Roll
Time Bomb
You must be Joking
Ride the Merwolf
Can’t put a Price on Happiness

Keep on rockin'! Your friendly neighbourhood MW

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