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I was born on July 4th, 1952 in Quanah, Tx, but was raised in Bakersfield, & Santa Barbara, Ca.
I have lived around art and music my whole life. Just about every relative from my fathers side (young and old) are either Artists, Musicians, and/or Writers. Dad played guitar, harmonica, sang & wrote as well.

I have been an Artist/singer/writer since my teens, but my first actual attempt at stardom was at age 7 when my hairbrush allowed me to use it for a microphone so I could sing with songs on the radio, ha!

Like most musicians, singers and writers, music is not only something I enjoy creating, it is a passion!
It is also the best medicine for staying up when life's hum-drums get you down...

I have been classified as a Country singer but also enjoy other genre as well such as: Blues, Bluegrass, Pop, Rock, Spiritual, Jazz, Fun songs and others.
I do love a good challenge...

Band History:

Lead/backup vocalist for several bands over the years. My favorite was 'Flashback', Dallas, Tx.(1985-89)
We were a six piece Variety band which showcased an excellent Elvis Impersonator, Gary Ladell.
Gary has since changed his name to Johnnie Lovett, Gotta Love-it!
Trivia>*(My stage name was 'Sparkles'.)

I have played with many bands over the years.
In Prescott, Ariz. I played with the Leroy B. Band (four piece, Bluegrass/Country)
at the Bird Cage Saloon on Whiskey Row in the late 70's to 1981 .
Also played and recorded original music with several excellent musicians in many living room groups. (Used to record on reel-to-reels and cassette tapes.) I often wonder where those wonderful musicians are today.

Dallas: Sang at several Opry's including the Wiley Opry.
In '89, moved to Amarillo and joined the band KrackerJack.
Went to Nashville to plug some songs in '90, (Yes, I tried).
Ex member of the FWSA.
Current BMI affiliate.

Early Influences:
Olivia Newton-John, Joni Mitchell, Emmy Lou, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Janis Ian, Mamas & Papas, Buck Owens, Willie,
Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Fleetwood Mac(Stevie), Beatles, Stones, Eagles, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin
Grace Slick, Heart, & too many others to list them all.

"Half a Woman" Traditional Country, (written in 2005) placed in the top five in the Country category 2005 at the

'Better Days Tonight'

Traditional country
h h

Little By Little

h h

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8/15/2011 8:47:36 AM
Watched the CMA last night and some great talent was there...buuttt your Voice, with attitude has the same quality & deserves ATTenTION!!! great sound with punch and vocal delivery in your song performance...keep it up, and let's hear more from you... ThanX 4 sharing~Austn



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