Was started in 2007 by K "valentine"prouty,long time drummer christian brown & alyssa"blyth "yoel.The band took shape in a rather odd fashion as K was working on another project/album which had already secured an avid following , placed music in an upcoming motion picture and was getting great reviews.

Loves cruel malady is a three piece band influenced by Black sabbath,HIM,yngwie j malmsteen,bowie,sisters of mercy,and much more..

While L C M is relativly new the players are not new to the stage. Valentine has played most noteably in "Film noir" which played various festivals, opened for bands such as "faith and disease,sex gang children,the gift,regenerator,ect".Playing in Kay and Slow sweet suicide,and E Nova also,and from solo acoustic shows to guest guitar spots, his voice has been compared to Bowie,Robert plant ,live he mesmerizes.

Christian Was also in "Film noir"and in the 86 kids(which he fronted playing guitar and singing),E nova, and spin cycle,a powerfull and amazing drummer.

Blyth appeared on 2 of valentine’s other projects, a short stay as bass player in Slow sweet suicide, and keyboards in Kay.

Heartbreak suicide

Alternative Modern Rock
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Love in hell

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L C M live at Canes
sept 3rd 9 pm
3105 ocean front walk
san diego ,CA
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Loves cruel malady