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Ric Laue
A Healing Gift

7/2/2020 3:20:31 AM
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David Steven Guy
A statue that has survived 133 years and should last many more

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
7/1/2020 7:39:17 PM
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The Subverts
I Don’t Wanna See You Around
From Violence and Revolution recorded at Kirkland Sound Recording by Bob May in 1993 Bob Hopeless: vocals, drums John Vulgar: guitar Ben Swindled: guitar James Bondage: bass

Punk Rock
7/1/2020 9:45:50 PM
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Michèle Raffaele
Not Lost in You ( new 2020 version)
soft melody accompanied by light piano chords

Alternative Pop Rock
7/1/2020 3:33:23 PM
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'Calling You Back Home'
A message in Spirit sent to one who is lost to come back to all that's good..

Melodic Rock
7/1/2020 10:29:43 PM
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Jim Cherry
shelter in place Blues

7/1/2020 4:07:09 AM
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shey fenner
Hello Imogen
a greeting to an ex-student friend

6/30/2020 2:52:54 AM
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Sly Witt
A song about Midnight

Alternative Pop Rock
6/30/2020 2:34:44 AM
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Alan Ballard
Poseidon's Outpost
Hello this is one of my newest songs called "Poseidon's Outpost". Hope you enjoy and thank you for listening.

6/29/2020 11:05:37 PM
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Jim Cherry
South Shore Trains
Environmental rhythms put to jazz–RB. The rhythm reminds me of the sounds the train made I used to take to work.

Jazz - R&B
6/29/2020 3:32:58 AM
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Ron Freeman
The Simple Things
You've been away so long I don't even recognize you. What went wrong? You've got a complicated life ... I don't even want to be around. Show me the door ... I'm out of here. You know the simple things baby, that's all I need. /Rec. June 25, 2020 (2)

Blues Vocals
6/29/2020 1:14:43 AM
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Pocke Ohrstrom
Circumstances and coincidences
Circumstances and coincidences Steer my life

Adult Alternative
6/28/2020 7:18:10 PM
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Beekeepers Blues
I have dem Beekeepers Blues. I'll tell you why. . .

6/30/2020 3:35:39 AM
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Jim Cherry
Power to the planet
Rollerskating music.Reminds me of the days we used to rollerskate at Regina's.

6/28/2020 1:40:16 AM
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Statue Pull
***************************************** Statue Pull, another part of this hard not to notice saga going on in America. . . ****************************************

Southern Rock
6/27/2020 7:04:19 PM
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Where Dragonflies Dance (Instrumental Version)
This is the 2nd song out of 5.I decided to make two versions of this,instrumental and vocal version which will give a different concept.

Acoustic Ambient Experimental
6/27/2020 12:28:31 PM
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Stephen John
In This Together
Singer/Songwriter Stephen John delivers a message of hope for those who lost loved ones during the Covid19 pandemic. To those on the front line serving our community. Instagram; www.instagram.com/stephenjohntt Facebook: www.facebook.com/stephenjohntt Twitter: www.twitter.com/stephenjohntt Website: www.stephenjohnmusic.com

6/27/2020 10:16:48 AM
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negative tendencies
Contrary Wind

Folk Rock
6/27/2020 7:18:55 PM
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Camp Let Us
Welcome to Camp Lettuce, You know why you are here. By destroying private property The Judge gave you ten years

6/27/2020 3:53:23 AM
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The Subverts
For King and Country
From Violence and Revolution recorded in 1993 Earl Grey: Vocals John Vulgar: guitar Ben Swindled: guitar James Bondage: bass Bob Hopeless: drums

Punk Rock
6/26/2020 6:02:56 AM
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Last Chance To Dance
High rnrtgy song about making good use of every opportunity to dance

6/26/2020 4:42:00 AM
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Ric Laue
Ari Barank

Ethnic Gypsy
6/26/2020 3:35:58 AM
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Richard Scotti

Guitar Instrumental
6/25/2020 10:53:05 PM
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Joe Biden, I'm not going nuts!
I'm not going nuts, you're a dog faced pony solider , you know the thing

Demented songs
6/24/2020 8:47:18 PM
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