Smokey Smothers cannot be confined to a box. The Wisconsin native is a special kind of artist. Writing raps and producing her own beats became a passion at the tender age of 9. Having a passion for art and entertainment, she's also CEO of SpaceFlight media, specializing in videography, grapic design and __script writing.

Danger is the 3rd single from Smokey’s latest project “Live From Ya Mom’s Crib.” On this banger, Smokey delivers her original Midwest flow over sliding 808’s and a dark piano created by Dizzyboy Beatz.

Gangsta Rap
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La La
La La is the 2nd single released from Smokey's Project "Live From Ya Mom's Crib" On this track Smokey takes the audience high in the skies with her seasoned flow and mellow demeanor over the summer-tinged hazy backdrop courtesy of Loud Noises Dynasty.

Indie Hip Hop
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Bendin Corners
Bendin Corners is the Debut single from Smokey's project "Live From Ya Mom's Crib" On this Chinaman produced track she speaks on rebuilding her community, staying level headed for the kids who look up to her, while still hitting you with the same cocky edge she came with in her song "WOH"

Hip Hop/Rap
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Releasing the official video for her 3rd single ""Danger"" from the project ""Live From Ya Mom's Crib"" on November 18th.
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